Possible to add a second admin to Wyze account?

I have the need to have a second administrator on my wyze account to allow the person to enable/disable motion tracking. Is this possible? Based on my experience with the sharing features, the shared user is not able to actually enable/disable motion detection. Thanks!


Only one main account can completely control the cameras at this time. However, this #wishlist topic may interest you.

Thanks! Exactly the fuse case I have.

In a case like this, where you want to give a trusted family member you live with full access to all settings, you can simply give them your user ID and password. They would then become you.

i don’t see an option on the app to make any account an admin account. where can i see that ?

@pgburrack Welcome to the community! If you are the one that created the Wyze account, you have full control over it. However, You can share your account with someone if you prefer. See the support guide link below: :slightly_smiling_face:

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