Select cameras for subscription

I have 4 cameras installed. I want to renew my subscription to just 2. How do i select which cameras i want to subscribe to?

The only way I have found to do it is log in your account on, go to services and use the manage services on the left of the page.

I tried that, I can’t delete any cameras. They all still show up.

It is a real pain, I just did it yesterday. You need to go to service plans, then to cam plus, my services and log in again to my services with 2FA again to make any changes. I would post a bunch of screen shots of how to do it but I can’t do it for a few hours,

Do you have 4 cams on a single subscription or 4 individual subscriptions?

I had 3 on one subscription 1 on another. I just want to subscribe to 3.

This is what I did yesterday. I canceled the 4 single cam plan on one subscription. The cameras remained attached to that plan until it expires in Feb. 2020. I the had to tap the arrow on the right to remove all the cams from that plan so I could add them to my new unlimited plan.
You can delete the one cam plan and wait until it expires without renewal or tap the arrow on the right to remove the cam from the plan. You then need to decide which available cams you want and do the same with the 3 cam plan, add or remove.

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Just a note. The web based Wyze Subscription Management page (, will ONLY manage those subscriptions that were purchased from the Wyze Website Store. These show in your Account, Services Tab with a “WWW” logo. Screenshot_20231012_183238

If you purchased your Subscriptions thru the Store in the Wyze App, these were not sold to you by Wyze. These were sold by, and are managed and controlled by, the App Store for your OS (Apple or Google). These subscriptions will be listed in the Account, Services page of the App with an Apple or a Google Play store logo. Those must be managed thru your OS App Store account in their app.

I had to subscribe through Google Play

That being the case, you will need to go to Google Play, click your Avatar in the upper right, Payments & Subscriptions, Subscriptions, and manage your subscriptions there. I do not subscribe thru Google Play, so I am unfamiliar with what that looks like or what Google allows within their app. But, I do know there is no refund for any unused portion on cancelled subscriptions.

Thanks for your help.

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I tried to manage my account through Wyze. It said I have to go thru Google Play. Both phone and pc give me the same Message.

Any subscription that was purchased thru the Store tab in the Wyze App is being sold to you and serviced by the App Store for your OS (Apple & Google).

Any subscription that shows as a Google Play or Apple App Store subscription has to be managed thru their respective App. Wyze has no control over this.