Long time customer adding 5 cams to existing Cam Plus single cam sub

Long time customer and fairly happy with my v1 Pan Cam. I have a cam-plus subscription for $14.99 listed on my account. Without understanding the price difference for using Google, I’ve got two Garage Sell cams with pending subscriptions through Google. Those are a v1 Outdoor Cam and a v2 Pan Cam. Those are set to bill on 5/5/23 at $39.99.

Should I cancel that Google subscription and just add them to my current Web plan? I’ve also found 3 additional Outdoor cams which I’ll add service for. But, at what qty is an unlimited Cam Plus subscription the better option?

@robert.brown You’re better off buying cam plus through the site personally. Unlimited is $9.99 a month on the company’s website for unlimited and $1.99 a month per camera. With this information, you’d be best to switch to unlimited once you have 6+ cameras I believe, but to buy it through the wyze.com website.

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I’ve got a $14.99 rate through the site for my original cam. I’ll cancel the 2 on Google and move them over along with 3 new outdoor cams I found on ebay. That will give me 6 total. If I can keep that rate and add the 5 new licenses, that’s cheaper than unlimited.

At $14.99, I think the jumping off point for unlimited would be 8 cams.

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Is the $14.99 rate per month? I’m seeing that the wyze.com site currently has it for $9.99 a month for unlimited cameras, unless my currency is different than yours.

Try going to Wyze Cam Plus if you haven’t already.

I’m one of the first members to take Cam Plus.

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$9.99 and $1.99 are the per months.
$14.99 is annual which was what I signed up under when Cam Plus was started.

You missed the long time customer part.


Sorry I guess I misunderstood. Happy you got it!

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welcome back to the forum @robert.brown!

When I did the math some time ago, it was 6 cams with Cam Plus would justify the purchase of Cam Plus Unlimited.

You missed this part…

“$14.99 is annual which was what I signed up under when Cam Plus was started.”

At 8 cams, then the $9.99/month would make sense. And I think I said that in this thread.

Per camera? Or unlimited? The $9.99 per month is for up to 99 cameras. Five cameras at $14.99 would be about $74.95 per year. Unlimited would be $119.88. Looks like about 8 cameras is where unlimited starts being less expensive. One key question is can you add additional licenses at $14.99?

I said that in this thread.

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