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I accidentally subscribed to cam plus I dont even use this …can someone please tell me how I can get my refund it’s been 25 min and I havent la clue how to do it…refund talk to a real live person that is.

Hello @Nutellafella and welcome to the community.

To talk to a live person in support you will have to wait until morning, but here is how

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


Did you buy from the website, or through the App?

I’m not sure.i went to my wyze app and accidentally clicked subscribe …I dont need that! Right away i tried to undo it…is this how yall scam ppl? Forcing ur services upon us?

From the Wyze Services webpage…

What is the refund policy for Cam Plus?

We use a time-based proration system powered by Recurly. Any immediate subscription changes will prorate the charges and credits based on time down to the second and the unused portion will be refunded to you using this formula:

(Time remaining in current billing period / Subscription’s plan period) x (Per unit price) x (Cameras being adjusted)

Please Note: The prorated refund policy is applicable only for purchases made via and is not applicable to any purchases made via the App store or Google play store

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Wow I’ll make sure to warn ppl.forcing your services on ppl that accidentally subscribe.if that’s what keeps it going.i what’s my refund being that I havent even used it.

“your services” They are NOT my services they are services provided by WYZE.

This is a USER’S Forum with users of Wyze Products as members, I do not work for Wyze nor am I affiliated in any way with Wyze.

Wyze does not offer support usually on this forum, If you are looking for support call Wyze support or click the support link in upper right corner.

I just don’t get why people lately have been thinking any forum member whom tries to help somehow is a representative of Wyze. This has happened to me several times in the last few weeks?

Guess I should just stop trying to help some people as they just don’t understand what a Users Forum is…

Nobody seems to READ this at the top of the Forum:

This community is primarily for member interactions. Please go to the official support site for product guides and more help from Wyze.


Don’t stop helping. This happens to me as well. Just push on and continue. The more we help, the better it gets for everyone.

Your support in these forums is greatly appreciated.


Lol…I didnt kno

Hi @Nutellafella Thinking @bryonhu was quoting the info from Wyze. The “We use” is actually Wyze uses.
When you log in at Wyze Home Monitoring Service hit edit and cancel subscription for the service you wish to discontinue.
You can also remove your credit ard information to prevent this in the future.
Hope this helps.

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And try reading before pressing Enter.