Cam Plus won't activate

When trying to activate my my Cam Plus license it says that i have no cameras available even though I have one installed. Any suggestions?

Hello @robntess and welcome to the community.

What cam do you have that you are trying to put the license on? What firmware is that cam on? What app version are you on?

I was extremely frustrated as well and ready to toss my Pan Cams. But someone posted the customer service number 206 339 9646. I called. Waited a short time on hold and a wonderful and patient customer service rep named Tyler spent 36 minutes with me on the phone resetting my Pan Cams. They don’t promote the tel # widely. I had sent in several service requests and received no answer. However I won’t be purchasing any additional WYZE equipment until they can get customer or tech service up to par.

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Jason, thank you for responding. I was able to talk to a customer service representative and she helped me out. I had to uncheck the trial offer before I could activate the 12 month plan.


How did you uncheck the trial offer? I have the same issue and cant find it

@jessica.leslie Welcome to the Wyze community! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can uncheck the cam with the Cam Plus trial.

Steps to activate/deactivate cam plus, tap Account > Services > Cam Plus > Edit > Available Devices

Under Services you should see Cam Plus. Tap on it, the available paid license should appear under Cam Plus. (If purchased)

Tick the box for the desired cam, tap activate. To deactivate a cam, Tick the box for the desired cam, tap activate.


I have the same problem. In a 6 month +/- I have had nothing but problems with cam plus. It works it doesn’t work. I have ticked/unticked a camera, contacted support. They can’t even help me. Support rep said she was turning it over to someone else in a email conversation. Whatever that means. I think I am about done with wyze. I have restarted cameras, free trial, 1 works, 1 doesn’t. It’s nuts. I have taken more screen captures then I have take pictures with my cellphone of everyday life.