Cam Plus Activation - You have no cameras

I of course do have a camera, so exactly what criteria is the cloud using when it gives me the following screen when I try to activate a Cam Plus licence?

What kind of cameras do you own, I only ask because currently the outdoor cam does not work with CamPlus

Just a V2. I suspect it’s because the camera is in Canada, but that’s not the right message to display if that’s the case.

It is supposed to be available in Canada from my understanding

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I too get the same error except I am paying for (3) licenses. I am also in Canada and own (3) V2 cameras.

I’m not having much luck on trying to find an answer as well and I am seriously considering cancelling my subscriptions.

What firmware is running on the cameras and what version app are you running?

I’m having the same issue

Camera and app are all up to date. In the end I cancelled my existing subscription and then reordered and that fixed my issue. All (3) are now running Camplus.

I’m having the same issue, but with v3 in the U.S.
I’ve updated everything to the newest firmware, and eventually canceled my original subscription, got a refund through Google Pay (I ordered through the app, but still used Google Pay, because I have a Google Pixel and it’s just convenient), and then ordered a subscription through the wyze services webpage. Now it says I have 2 subscriptions, but no cameras. I put in a trouble ticket, but haven’t heard back from them yet.
We’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed!

Welcome to the forums! Can you post screen shots of your services screens in the app? Are they active subscriptions or available subscriptions?

Available subscriptions.

And when I click on that, I get this screen:

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I bet you have the trial or something on them already still.

Click here on “active subscriptions”:

See your cameras now? Share a screenshot? Click edit, and I click whatever is clicked. Go back to the “available” subscriptions and now add the annual licenses to your cameras that you want.

What was your Support ticket number? It was a ticket right, and not just a log?

It does show the active trial subscription and I can uncheck the box, but when I go back to active subscriptions it still says “no cameras available”.
Ticket number is 1234752

Regardless, I don’t have the option of continuous recording without using an SD card. Shouldn’t I have that even with the free trial?
Or does it not provide that until the free trial ends and then my subscription kicks in? If so, it REALLY needs to tell users this when they sign up. This has caused SO much confusion, I’m consider requesting a refund and returning the camera.

Do you hit the “back” button, or are you hitting the “activate” button at the bottom? Use the bottom button to proceed after unchecking the trials on the cameras.

Cloud storage (free 12 sec clip with a 5 min cool down and camplus) and local storage (sd card) are completely independent and a separate from each other. You can have one, both or neither at any time. With the V3s continuous local storage is available whenever there’s an SD card in the camera itself. Camplus is cloud storage, which allows you to save the duration of motion to the cloud.

I can uncheck the box and hit the Activate button below and it just takes me back to the previous screen. When I go back in to edit, it’s checked and has it listed as trial again.
Or when I click activate and it goes back to the previous screen, if I then go to available licenses, it still says no availabile cameras.

Hmmm, that’s not normal behavior. Try a cache clear from the app. And/Or a restart if the phone. Next tier would be an un install and reinstall of the app. these are some of the first things I would try if my app was misbehaving.

I have restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared the cache and it is still doing the same exact thing. Cannot clear the free trial to activate the Cam Plus subscription.

When were the cameras installed/ how long have the trials been attached to the camera? Screen shot of that active subscriptions page?

So, after exhausting every other option, I finally deleted the camera, went through setup again and FINALLY got it working. Thanks for all the help, Omgitstony!

If anyone else ever has an issue with this, I would suggest starting with deleting the camera and starting fresh. Lol

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