Free v3 cam with subscription costs more?

Free V3 camera with a year subscription is 25$ But I can get the subscription for just 15$ with the current sale ??? Doesn’t sound like a “free” V3camera to me???

You pay $23.88. they credit you back $3.75.
Your end result is $20.13

Then you get a code for a Free V3 for each subscription you ordered.

So, the end result is you pay $0.14 more than you would for just buying a V3 by itself at normal cost ($19.99) but for that extra $0.14 you get a whole year of Cam Plus!

That’s how the math works out. Pay $0.14 more and you get Cam Plus for a whole year to go with your new V3 Cam.

If you already have cams you want to add the subscription for, then you just sell those V3’s when they come in (post them on Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s list or whatever) for $25-$30 and you are then actually getting PAID to have Cam Plus for a year.

Yeah, it actually is a really, really great deal if you do it right. I bought 5 and plan to sell some of the cams…end result: I am getting PAID to get 5 Cam Plus subscriptions for the cameras I already have…THANKS WYZE! BEST DEAL YET!


I’ve not had the best of luck with this sale because if you read the fine print, the sale is only for NEW Cam Plus subscribers only.

Where I got upset with this sale is that I have never PAID for Cam Plus, however Wyze provided me with a free one month plan for my WCO, when they launched Cam Plus for the WCO. So by accepting that 1 month subscription, I have “disqualified” myself in their eyes… Not to mention when I received my V3, it came with 2 weeks of Cam Plus for free. I don’t see how they can consider this a fair deal… Sad truth as I have the support ticket to prove it.

Perhaps @WyzeGwendolyn can offer some additional clarity on the matter as I can’t be the only customer unhappy with the terms of this “sale”.

[Wyze Ticket 897332]

Ah, I understand how the trials and free month coupon are registered differently in their system. I had trials but still qualified. I also got a 1 month coupon (but never redeemed it, so I still qualified). Let me show you why the 2 week trial is different from the 1 month coupon. I currently have subscriptions and 2 weeks trials active, but they are managed completely separately:

See here under Cam Plus Services, the trial is kept and managed completely separate from the Active licenses:

The 2 week Trials are a completely different subscription (not actual Cam Plus) according to their database logging. It is even managed completely separately. You can see I have 5 full subscriptions and 2 trials, but to switch the trials, I have to go into a separate screen where only those two are able to be selected. See the following screenshot:

Trial Management screen

VS Full Subscription Management screen:

I got one of those free month coupons too, but did not redeem it yet. In order to redeem the 1 month free, what you are actually doing is signing up for the real, full Cam Plus service, and the coupon just gives you a credit for the first month. So you indeed did 100% sign up for actual Cam Plus according to their database. The actual trials cancel themselves after 2 weeks, but the 1 month redemption coupon is not a trial as much as it is a credit back for a full purchase. That’s how they’re logging it.

Not that any of that makes you feel better, it really sucks. The outcome is still super frustrating. I just thought I’d let you know why Support’s hands are tied. As far as their system shows, you actually subscribed to Cam Plus, charged and everything, just credited back for the first month. Their system shows you are ineligible because you officially had it already.

Loophole: FIRST you’ll have to check the terms closely to ensure that this is simply a legit loophole and not an actual violation of the terms (ie: that it says it’s limited to an ACCOUNT, and not limited to a person, address, email, etc). Don’t officially violate the actual technicalities of the terms…but actual loopholes can be okay. Having said that disclaimer: If you don’t have any current paid subscriptions on your current account you could potentially try to create a new clean account with a new email address, etc. Now get the black friday deal and then move all your devices over to the new account.

After it’s all done, you could switch the email addresses (use a third email address to switch onto the original account, then move your primary email address back onto the new secondary account. Then it will be as if everything is back to normal the way you originally understood it (ie: that everything previously was a trial and you should’ve legitimately qualified for this).

Again, check the terms to make sure doing the above is fully acceptable within the technicalities of the terms and that you are willing to do all that extra work to switch accounts. Myself, I’d personally just drop it, but you can check and see if it is a legitimate workaround that doesn’t violate their stipulations. I am sure it says per account though…so basically just cancelling that account might be a solution.

I certainly appreciate the reply and all the explanations! I totally get why their system is blocking my account. However, it still feels like Wyze taking pop shots at their customers who stuck with WCO despite the solid public outcry (Mind you, I actually like mine!). I was super appreciative of the free month as I was on the fence if I wanted to subscribe or not. Not sure if I will ever actually pay for Cam Plus now…

Logic be damned, I’m just upset with the situation.

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Yeah, I would feel the same way in your shoes. I was always considering just 1 subscription for my Video Doorbell, but might’ve even changed my mind on that if I went through this like you. I only got 5 of them because of this deal, otherwise I would’ve only possibly gotten 1 at some point.

I signed up for CamPlus under the wrong email address. So, I’ve been paying for an unused service and, because its an automatic service, they cannot/will not refund

So move all your devices to that account so you can use it. Then switch the email address to your main one.

I guess if I was going to buy the camera it would be a small increase to get the subscription… But if I was going to subscribe then it’s an increase in subscription cost of $10 to get a free $20 camera. That’s what doesn’t make sense to me…

Well it makes sense of you want the new camera AND the CamPlus sub at the same time. Otherwise it really doesn’t. Apparently (according to Carver’s answer the last time I asked) the subs you buy all expire together and I don’t really need CamPlus on more than 1 or 2 cameras.

I’ve already got more V2s than I’ve even powered on.

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I too accepted (fell for) the “free” month of Cam Plus for use with my outdoor camera that was heavily pushed to my email and even in the app installed on my phone. I also have been made ineligible by doing so. I had 5 v3 cameras on preorder and cancelled the preorder after receiving the response to my question (support ticket was opened with Wyze) about eligibility and was told since I accepted the offer of the “free” month and there is nothing they can do to reset my eligibility . Well, they can’t do anything but I was able to do something. No more purchases from this company and a request to cancel the outstanding order. I have never seen a company that tries so hard to push the products they sell and then snub their noses at customers that are willing to buy blindly on new products (pre-orders). I purchased a starter kit of the outdoor camera plus three additional outdoor cameras and returned the three extra cameras after a disappointing experience with the outdoor cameras. An additional issue I see is that you have to have individual subscriptions of Cam Plus for each and every one of the cameras you have and there is no discount or bundle for multiple devices. I hope the v3 cameras live up to the expectations of those who purchase them, I am now shopping for alternatives. Money is not so much the issue, but the company’s marketing practices are.
Just my two cents.

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