What a joke. Lost a customer Wyze!

Decided to pull the plug and replace my 10 v3 cameras with the new OG since I wanted the spotlight built into the camera, so I placed my order last night for 8 OG cameras. Went to youtube for reviews of the OG (which I should have done first) and wasn’t happy with what I saw especially compared to the v3. Decided to cancel the order within 30 min after placing the order. Their website says you can cancel the order within 2 hours of placing the order…BS which has to be done with a chat bot. Called the next day to confirm the cancellation…NOPE can’t do it. I want to talk to a supervisor…NOPE they only communicate via email. What the hell, I can’t talk to a supervisor??? Bye bye WYSE!!!


I can understand the frustration. When support isn’t able to cancel an order, it usually means the shipping label has already been issued to the supplier in a stack of who knows how many other labels the supplier in this case is managing all the same time. They may not even possibly be able to find and remove it. So it’s not that Wyze is trying to be difficult here, but it is likely impossible to do as you ask after a certain point in the ordering process. If they could cancel the order, they definitely would, because it would save them a ton of money from having to pay to have things shipped back to them. They lose a ton money shipping out to you and then shipping it back for no reason. They don’t want to do that, but once the label is out, it’s kind of out of their control, so they are stuck suffering the shipping cost losses, and having customers frustrated. They’re not trying to be difficult, it’s just part of the logistics.

However, Wyze still has you covered in these cases. They have a really great 30-day money-back guarantee, so whether you try them out or never touch them, you can return your order within 30 days for a refund anyway. So either way you’re taken care of.