PRE-ORDER Wyze Cam v2 today!

I ordered mine on Feb 19…and am looking forward to the pair I bought !


When is the ETA?

Just stay calm, version 2 is coming, soon! I have 5 version 1’s, and they are awesome! I’m a Facilities Manager at a Church, and I use them here, yes, even outside under a overhang cover…works perfect! For $20, and 14 days of cloud storage, how in the heck can you go wrong! I’ve tried many of the more expensive cameras, and this camera is hard to beat!! We had some security issues at the church, and this camera caught every movement. I’m excited too…I ordered 4 version 2. Can’t wait to install them!!


Thank you brother!

From what I have read – these cameras are AWESOME !


I own six of the original cameras. I’m constantly getting stuck on … Getting video data… (3/3)

I must go home do a restart of the camera then all is fine.

Will this new version have the same problem?

I want to order but I’m afraid…

I Ordered a v2 on Feb 19. Its March 1st. Just curious for a ETA.



It concerns me a bit that I’ve jumped in and purchased several, and I have not yet seen a response or update from Wyze. It’s making me nervous that I just dumped $150.



Has anyone had contact with the sellers lately ? I received recorded message that they weren’t taking calls - hope they haven’t skipped town. Kidding, of course.

Curiously, since they haven’t met their expected shipping dates for the pre-orders one would thank that they would at least put a new statement on their order page acknowledging this fact and stating the new shipping dates.

it would be nice to have an update on the pre-orders. its now March…

I’m not sure where all the panic and confusion is coming from… They’ve stated all along that the pre-orders made before 9PM PST 2/20/2018 would ship the last week of February. We are still in the last week of February. Technically, we are only 4 and a half days into the last week of February. They also stated that pre-orders made after that cutoff would start to ship the Week of March 5th.

I appreciate them giving us the opportunity to pre-order. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine, after all the insane negativity around here, that they’ll extend that offer ever again…

I agree with JohnnyG. I think the demand for the Cam v2 was HUGE… I am looking forward to getting my pair that I ordered…


Just got this email


I’m sorry to let you down.

When you placed a pre-order for a Wyze Cam v2 with us, we told you it would either ship by the end of February or in the week of 3/5.

Unfortunately, we’re now expecting a 3-4 week delay in shipping your order to you.

We received the first batch of v2 inventory in our Seattle warehouse this week. During the final round of inspection, right before we were ready to ship, we found that a small percentage of them contained a tiny morsel of dust on the camera’s CMOS sensor, compromising the image quality.

The dust particles resulted from using the new CSP packaging for v2’s CMOS sensor. Let me show you some photos:

This is the CMOS sensor for the original Wyze Cam using the standard QFN packaging.

This is the CMOS sensor for Wyze Cam v2 using the new CSP packaging.

The CSP packaging provides better stability and reliability, but it calls for much more stringent cleanliness standards in the manufacturing process. In this case, there were tiny particles of dust left on the CMOS sensor for some of the units inspected. As CEO of the company, I take full responsibility for what happened.

Some of you may question why we needed to risk changing the image sensor and adopting a new technology. The original Wyze Cam was selling well. Why didn’t we play it safe and continue with the old parts and technology? Many people doubted that we would be able to offer a high quality product at such a low price when we launched the original Wyze Cam 4 months ago. We proved them wrong. But I didn’t want to stop there. I challenged my team to upgrade the product with new features without adding cost. The new image sensor allowed us to enable Motion Tagging and even higher image quality especially for night vision in v2.

Frankly, and painfully, this was harder than I expected.

The good news is that we have a solution in place. Our factory will be producing new units under the improved manufacturing conditions. The bad news is there will be a 3-4 week delay in shipping them to you.

If you decide to wait for the new units, I want to personally thank you for your support. I know many of you have requested extension cables so that you can install your Wyze Cam further away from a power outlet. As a small token of my gratitude (and apology), I’m sending each one of you an extension cord along with your order (one cord for each unit ordered).

However, I understand some of you may not want to wait that long and want to cancel your order. If that’s the case, please email and write “Cancel [Order Number]” in the subject line. We’ll issue you a full refund as soon as we receive your request.

I can’t say enough how bad I feel about messing this one up, but I hope you’ll forgive us while we make it right. My team and I are determined to reach new heights against all odds, and we appreciate your support along the way. We can’t do this without you.

Thank you!


Yun Zhang
Founder and CEO, Wyze Labs, Inc.

I just received the same email. Fair enough, I can wait … plus, I’ll make use of the free 5 ft. extension(s). I’m actually encouraged by the decision. My $0.02 …

Thank you for being a professional company.

Thanks for the kind understanding, everyone! For those who want to read the email from our Found and CEO can take a look here:

Once again we’re sorry for the delay, but we’re working really hard to make sure we get that Wyze Cam v2 in your hands proper!

Wow, the Wyzwcam guys more than made an adequate explanation for the delay in shipping. I’m impressed with the detail that was involved in their explanation of the problem.

As customers, we all experience stuff like this from time to time. I’ve always believed that by far the most important piece of the puzzle for customer satisfaction is simply the tone and manner in how the company handles it and communicates with their customer. Kudos to Wyze for the proactive and fully transparent communication… Many other (and much larger and longer standing) companies could learn from this example! For me, this makes me an even more loyal customer - and the exact opposite of one inclined to cancel my order. I’ll ride it out with Wyze!


The situation was handled really well.

That said, I’m currently struggling with a screaming newborn and need a baby monitoring solution. Thought I had it with the WyzeCam 2, but I’m not sure I can wait. The WyzeCam v1 is no longer for sale either.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I hear ya! I purchased two version 1’s for my son and his wife to watch over their two very young children…they love the camera’s. I’ve ordered 4 of the v’2, and I’m sure they are even better. Which Is hard to believe, because the original one…is awesome!!

That being said;

Have you tried the Yi cameras? My son has one of them as well over the kiddos cribs, that I bought him. They have a couple different model,! I have them all, and they work great!



My experiences with WyzeCam have been less than favorable. I ordered two of the version 1 cams, and they never worked reliably. Support was super slow, and they only responded to me after I complained on these forums. Then it became a game of “20 questions”. Long story short, they ended up refunding my money, and I threw the cameras in the trash.

I tried to keep an open mind, and when I got a notice that the new model (version 2) was available, I thought I would give them a second chance. I immediately went to the page to check it out. I pondered whether to purchase or not, and the more I thought about my previous experiences, the less confident I became. I decided to wait, and check the website often and see how the new version went. It seems there is a pattern with this company of not delivering as promised/stated, and today when I check, delivery time is now listed at 4-6 weeks!

I know that many will say “It’s only a $20 camera”… but the point is that nothing with this company lends confidence. The first version product was totally unreliable, support was terrible, and they are constantly changing delivery times of current purchases…stretching them out further and further. All indications of a poorly thought out and executed business model. I still may give them another shot, but certainly not as long as delivery dates keep being extended further and further into the future.

You sound hard to please. Your money was refunded and you’re still gripping, but want to try again. I know very little about the company, but they have been upfront about the delays and the large majority of their cameras appear to have worked well based on responses and reviews. There is bound to be a few duds in any product line and maybe your camera was one of them. I hope things get better for you.