Is Black Wyze Cam coming again this year 2019?

Is Black Wyze Cam coming again this year 2019 ?

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Looks like it is in-development


They haven’t said 2019, but they have confirmed they’ll do another run of them. I’m hoping it might be a Black Friday surprise again. We’ll see.

In the Sep 2019 issue of Wyze Bytes, they said “Can’t wait for Wyze Cam Black to release later this year?” Not an outright statement, but sounds promising…


Nice! I either missed that or didn’t remember, but I’d seen enough clues to at least halfway suspecting a Black Friday offering. :slight_smile: That’s probably the strongest one yet.

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Will there be a promotion for CMC subscription this Black Friday? :slight_smile:

I guess we’ll find out on Black Friday. :slight_smile: The only thing they’ve (basically) confirmed at this point is that they black camera will be available again. Not sure if there will be anything beyond that.

Hey Jason ,

sorry for the delay thank s for your response

  Just before Thanksgiving (day or 2 prior ) i saw something on the

web that wyze would be selling Black cams ,… and sure enough they
were there and still are there as of tonight

regards K

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