Bring Back Wyze Cam Black

Most major manufacturers’ cameras only come in one color. Ring was the only exception I could find right off, and they had only two colors available. There are however several third parties that sell silicon sleeves to fit many cameras.

I believe Wyze sold those black V2s at a loss to keep the price low for their customers. If they sell them again, it’s entirely possible they will be at an increased price.

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@WyzeGwendolyn - I voted to have the option for more black Wyze cams (even if Wyze charges $5 or thereabouts to cover mfg costs - no need to sell them at a loss).

Thank you for offering the Wyze Community the opportunity to vote and be a part of the decision making process to sell more black Wyze cams.

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You’re welcome! Thank you for your feedback about this. :slight_smile:

I do think that it is good to note that @Elana was the one to ask if we had a place for you to vote for this. I definitely don’t get all the credit here.

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Hello, @WyzeGwendolyn

No worries… you’re quite welcome for the feedback.

Then I tip-my-hat to @Elana for the voting idea and to you for implementing it so that the Wyze Community can voice their interest.

Thank you for responding :nerd_face:

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My pleasure! Have a great day, ThreeTen. :smiley:

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I really hope you bring back the black cameras soon. Going to reluctantly hold out for them.

Also, I bet this would have a lot more votes for this from people who aren’t current owners/users if it weren’t for the process of going through making an account just to upvote for said people (i.e. me (I just finally gave in after weeks of trying to click the vote button as a guest with no success)).

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Thanks for your feedback! I’ll tag @CaptainMark here for it so we can look for opportunities to improve this process. :slight_smile:

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I would personally be okay paying $25-$30 dollars for a black cam😌


A great idea would be to roll out more black cams with the integration of Google Home. :slightly_smiling_face:
I too am holding out for the black ones to become available again (regardless of possible price increase), and created an account to let it be known.
Sadly I was not aware of Wyze prior to their limited black Friday release.

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Much obliged @WyzeGwendolyn :nerd_face:

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Thanks for joining in the discussion! Sorry to hear about the timing. On the bright side, we are working on Google integration now so if we do bring back Wyze Cam Black that will probably be included! :slight_smile:

Please do bring back the Black. It would help the camera be more discreet in certain settings :slight_smile:

Yes, bring the Black color back. Thank you.

Don’t forget to VOTE at the top left of this topic. :slight_smile:


I was looking at black wood-grain contact paper just yesterday.


I am very interested in the black wyzecam

Please remember to VOTE at the top left of this thread. :slight_smile:


Yes. Bring back the Black Camera… permanent offer.

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I definitely want to be able to have access to the limited edition black camera, but I think . more color options would be awesome. Red,Green, Blue, etc. I feel although . it works fine as it is, people may be more likely to get one if they are able to get a color to accent the room/area that the wyze cam/pan is. Have a great on, Grayson