Echo show 5

was wondering if there was any way to have V3 alerts or events to show up on my echo show5? If it would automatically run the event that would definitely beat having to open the app on my phone every time a notification comes in

Here is an example of something I’ve done:

I highly recommend reading more of that thread from others too. This community has some really great people with great explanations and ideas.

You can change and customize things in different ways too.

I now have my alexa shows announce things. If someone steps on my porch, my Alexas announce “Knock Knock” like an automatic doorbell, then flash my desk lamp a special color for 10 seconds (a different color depending on different triggers).

They will do other announcements depending on different sensors or other things…whatever I want. It is pretty cool. If you can tell Alexa to do something, you can set it up to automatically do that whenever another device connected to it is triggered in some way (motion from your V3, or person detection if you have Cam Plus, etc). There are so many personalized options out there to all run through your Echo Show if that is what you want.


this is why I asked here. Y’all know your :poop: ! Thanks