Alexa Tip I just verified and it seems to work

I setup the following Alexa Routines:

  1. Trigger if Person is detected, Action: Custom Action stating “Show Driveway”.
  2. Trigger if Person is detected, Actions: Wait for a minute (or some period of time), Custom Action “Go Home”

So when the Driveway detects a person, My Alexa Show will stream the Video feed, the second Trigger will make sure the Video feed will stop 1 minute (or a selected period of time) from when it saw the person. By doing this, the show will not continue the feed for a long period of time, especially if I am not in the same room.

Just a quick tip.


There’s been a lot of people wanting this! Thanks for sharing!

I have been experimenting. You can also have it announce first, which is what I do as well. Since the Custom Action has to come last in a routing, you can announce, then show the stream. if you wanted to combine some of the triggers. Unfortunately you can only have 1 custom action also. Not sure why this is, but it worked out.

I really want to have Alexa announce that a person is on the porch. I don’t know anything about routines. Is this something I need to setup in Wyze or in Alexa? And where can I find the steps? Thank you for any help you can give me.

Not a problem. You need to first install the Wyze Skill within Alexa. Once you do that, you will start your Alexa app and create the routine in there. In the Menu, click More, then Routines. Once in the Routine area, select the + in the top right to add a new routine. I have my porch sensor announce as well. Below is my routine, Note - use the Announce option as it will allow you to announce on more than one Alexa device of the motion. Mine announces on 3 devices.


This is good stuff. I would never have expected a single trigger event could kick off multiple routines.

@PCHearn please note you do NOT necessarily need to create a routine to get your desired announcement. After installing the Wyze skill you can just go to the Alexa app, Devices, Cameras, and pick your camera. Then switch on Person Detection Announcements. Done!

Thanks, forgot to mention that. That is the simplest and cleanest way.

I don’t use that option because I like to customize the announcement because it uses the name of the device. As you can see, I named mine with Wyze and V3 in the name. So I customize what it says. If there is a way to customize it there, that would be great.