Wyze Cam Vs Ring Camera

In your latest mail out you show the advantages of the Wyze Doorbell Camera vs the Ring Doorbell Camera. Although they are impressive the one feature that Ring has that the Wyze Camera does not have is the ability to connect to my Alexa Show 8. I get notifications but no video feed. The promises have been that it is coming but I have been waiting for some time and yet no availability. Love my Wyze Camera just wish I could view doorbell activity on my Alexa device. Not sure what the issue is and maybe purchasing the first generation of Wyze Doorbell the hardware is the issue. Any news on if or when this may be available?

Are you speaking of the Doorbell Pro or Regular Doorbell? I do know that at one time the doorbell v1 used to work in Alexa, but seems to have an issue currently.

The Doorbell Pro does stream in Alexa without issues.

In any event, you can auto stream a Wyze Camera in Alexa by setting up 2 custom Routines. Here is a post I provided some time ago. You can use different triggers for the routines.

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