Alexa person notification from Wyze camera

I have several Wyze cameras that announces from Alexa that “Person Detected (Camera Name)”. I don’t remember how I set that up. I have a friend that really likes that. I purchased three V3 Cameras for him. I have the cameras set up and getting good pictures, now I am trying to get the announcement over Alexa. Any help would be appreciated.


Do you have Cam Plus for those cameras? Unfortunately, I am not an Alexa expert, so maybe someone else will chime in.

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Camera settings in the Alexa app.


WildBill, Thanks for the reply. This old 75 year old is a little slow. I went into the Alexa app, went to settings, have not found Announcements. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

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First make sure you have/still have the WYZE skill installed in your Alexa app

After ensuring its there or installing/reinstalling go back to the main/home page of the Alexa app and go to devices.

Then Cameras,

Next find the camera that has Cam Plus or the older Person Detection(only V2 or Pan Cam, if opted in) licenses associated to them.

**Keep in mind the V3 cameras and Wyze Cam Outdoor do not have a live view so if you click on them you will be taken right to the settings page. As shown in @WildBill s example above.

The V2s and the Pan Cam have live views once you open it you will be taken to the live view and will need to click on the gear to the top right to get to the settings

There you can toggle on the the Person Announcement setting as shown in WildBill’s example.


Probably already configured since some cameras already work.

@mudpuppy45 go select the camera from devices then click the gear icon at the top to reach settings. It’s the camera settings not App.

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I thought that too, then saw “for a friend” :grinning:

Check out this section


Thanks everyone for the suggestions and help. I have one V3 and the rest V2 using app on iPhone, the friend has 3 new V3 using on Samsung. I will go back to his house hopefully tomorrow and try all this and report back. Thanks again.

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Great tutorials by @R.Good and @WildBill.

Again, as @Newshound noted none of this will work without the paid add-on CamPlus service that your friend might not have.

You might be using the legacy free/name-your-price person detection that is not available to newer users.

In any case, agreed it’s a great feature.


Thanks everyone, I forgot to get back to you yesterday. I went back to my friends house, did what you suggested and Alexa is now talking. Thanks for your help.



Is there a way to toggle camera notifications through an alexa or google assistant routine?

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