Alexa Person detection announcements with wyze cameras

When did this become available?


I am not sure, but I am going to have to try it out.


I don’t see that Alexa app feature in mines … are you guys ruining Wyze beta ?

Nope not running beta, I’m running 2.12.29

Hum … Wyze Cam plus ?

It works on all of my cameras cam plus or not

Hmm not on mine. But I don’t keep my Alexa app up to date either.

I was going to suggest people update their Alexa app , it might also help to ask Alexa to discover devices


Running Alexa 2.2.350157.0 and it didn’t show up untill I said Alexa Discover Devices …no new devices found but it updated the app.

Need to test it out wondering if it will announce from all my Alexas?

Thanks HD !! :+1::blush:


Cool :sunglasses:
that’s the way mine is set, it announces on all 5 of my echo dots at once


Yup …works like a charm !

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Is there a way to select which Echo Dot it announces from… I don’t want to wake up everyone. Lol

I guess I should clarify that I did not set it up that way to announce on all of them , all I did was turn on the announcements , my indoor cameras are all off when I am at home , so, I only get a person announcement from outside cams and the cameras facing out windows
I have to look into that later


Hey now! It worked for me too. I didn’t think it would. Tried refreshing in the app via pulldown first. Nothing. Then spoke to the device to say Discover Devices. It took about a minute and said it couldn’t find any new devices. Then I had to close the Alexa app twice, and whomp there it is. Thanks HDRock! What a cool find…

Also, yes you can edit which Echoes will speak by clicking that Announcement Devices section. Nice.

No idea if this will work with my mix of hardware, software, and firmware though.


Even if it says no new devices discovered it will discover new things like that


Weird that there’s no way to force discovery within the app. Alexa is such a janky but addictive ecosystem.

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Yeah , I tapped on it you can select ones ya want

Via the app, just go through the add device “+”. Scroll all the way down tap on Other and tap on Discover Devices.

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Argh, really? I even looked at the screen but didn’t try “Other”. Amazon seems to make the app purposely inscrutable. Someone on this forum had to tell me how the ability to announce routines to more than one device had been there all along, hiding under Messaging instead of Alexa Says. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I agree that the Alexa app is screwy