Camera is NOW working with Alexa show

Hello there I currently own 2 Alexa shows and I bought 2 wyze cameras, one for my daughter n 1 for my son. Had Best Buy Geek Squad come out and install everything 2 weeks ago and the wyze cameras would not work, it would hook up to them but you can not do a live stream… I was about to call the vendor back and get my money back. But I said I’ll give it one more shot. I reset the cameras on the wyze app And Look what the cat dragged in… the cameras do work with the Alexa show I think there was an update in the last couple days that you had to do to the cameras or maybe I just got lucky… But I can tell the alexa show to show me each Room and usually within 3 seconds the Room shows up… I figured I would share this n maybe this is old news but I am estatic tonight !! Lol


How? Is there an app to download onto your firestick

Fire TV devices have Alexa built in, so if you have an Alexa Voice Remote for your Fire TV you can say “Show me (camera name)” and it will pull up the live view for 10 minutes. You have to enable the Alexa skill:

Now this news about the tv is exciting. I never even gave it a thought. My wife will likely scream but that’s life :slight_smile: