Alexa not working on firetv

Love the Alexa integration but still working to get it going with my fire stick. Keeps trying to connect but not getting there. If anyone has any suggestions?

I’ve gotten far enough to say “show front door” and the firetv tries to connect. I can see it saying connecting to Wyze camera but nothing ever comes up.

Great feature, hoping to get it going!

Fire stick is temporarily unavailable according to the email they sent out.

  1. It's working (sorta) on my fire TV cube. After first setup it saw one wyze cam and I could tell it to show it. Then I deleted all and set it up again and it saw two of them. I'll try deleting and resetting then up to see if that's how I can get the rest to show up...
Edit: I got 3 out if 5 cameras to show up after 2nd set up. The last two won't show up even after trying the third time. They may still be working on perfecting this skill.

Would you please explain in more detail what you mean by “I deleted them” and “set it up again”? Do you mean you deleted the cameras in the Alexa app?

It’s not working on my Fire TV box, v2. It shows it’s trying to connect, but it never does. The cameras do connect to my Echo Show, though it takes a while (plus there is a significant lag in the video, like 5 seconds).

Yes, I did mean in the Alexa app. But if they work on the echo show than it’s not a setup issue. My fire TV cube has Alexa built in so it is a combination of fire TV and echo show. The wyze Alexa integration may have only reached the echo show phase. I’m sure they’re working on it and it will become better in time. I’m still unable to get 2 of my 5 wyze cams to show up so I’m guessing there still some growing pains to work out.

Alexa/Wyzecam not working on FireTV 1st edition


A work around is to install TinyCam Pro from the Amazon App store ($3.99). Instructions on how to install are in these forums. A few stages are a little tricky, but gives me great functionality on my Fire Stick 2.

I agree, tiny can pro is totally worth it, especially to view 4 cameras at once. I use it in my phone too, you only have to pay once. But it’s nice to be able to just say ‘’'Alexa show me the front door" when not near the remote. (Fire TV cube). It would be even nicer if it didn’t take so long for the cameras to show up.

I am having the same issue… I can see the Wyze cam (v2) device listed on my alexa app on my phone, but when I ask to see a camera on my FireTV HD (Gen 2).

It says Waiting for Wyzecam, then 10 seconds later goes away.

Wyzecam firmware


The camera shows up in a couple seconds on my phones wyze app, but cannot get it on my TV, I think I heard only the 1st gen models were not supported, shouldnt this work on my equipment?

I had the same problem. I got the message that the camera was connecting but then quit every time. I went into the Alexa app and connected My Fire TV to my Amazon Echo Dot. As soon as I did this voice commands would activate my camera whether I did it through the Echo Dot, or Through the Fire TV remote. It’s a great feature and working good!

Thanks, that’s good to know I have the echo dot, I’m just waiting on the fire TV because They were back ordered

:slight_smile: same

Fire TV does not work with viewing the Wyze Cam. Multiple people reporting this issue. Yes, I have v2. Fire TV is connected to my echo dot, Updated firmware, disabled and reenabled skill in Alexa multiple times… Nothing works just a message saying, “Waiting for Wyze Camera…” Thank you for looking into this issue.


ditto and its becoming annoyingggggggg

I have the same issue. Fire TV not showing video from Wyze cam V2. I can see the camera in the alexa app and my echo is paired with my tv. My amazon cameras show just fine.

Finally got my fire TV today ,All set up and working great, Linked with my Echo dot, Love it ,love it,Oh did I say I love it !!!

Does it show your wyze cams because it doesn’t work for me.

Yup, shows each one when I tell it to

Check Info here

I’m having the same issue. Stays in waiting for for Wyze Camera.

Do you have fire TV Gen 3 ?