Alexa help and TinyCam

Here I am with more questions. I have Amazon Fire Stick - I’ve downloaded the Alexa skill, it recognizes them, I go to my tv and give it the proper command, it says okay, then I see a screen "Waiting for Wyze Camera, some little blue dots (apparently trying to connect), then it reverts back to the home screen with nothing from the camera. Have tried all three cameras and get the same.

Am I doing something wrongs? Do I need to do something in addition to what I’ve done?

Next question - I keep hearing and reading on the forums about TinyCam. Help me to understand why it is helpful. I can already view my cameras on my phone - why I do I need TinyCam. I’ve read reviews and what info I can find, but still not understanding.

Thanks in advance because I know someone on the forums will be able to answer all my silly questions. :slight_smile:


What generation of Fire Stick? I think I read that the older ones may not be supported.

One of the main benefits of TinyCam (which is available only on Android), is that it will let you view multiple camera’s live stream at the same time. It can also become a web server to let you view cameras in a web browser. I think those are the two main features that folks use TinyCam for.

I have the second generation fire stick.


Copied from email wyze sent out.


Questions You Might Have

Q: Which Alexa-enabled devices work with Wyze?
A: All Alexa-enabled devices connected to a screen will work with the Wyze skill. For example:Echo Show
Echo Spot
Fire TV HD and Fire TV 4K
Fire Stick is temporarily incompatible with Wyze

There you go. Thanks for finding that HDRock.

TinyCam Pro is available for $3.99 from the Amazon App store on the Firestick.

Thanks for the info in the fire stick :frowning: For some reason I couldn’t find that email that wyze cam sent out. Hopefully they will enable the firestick at some point. Apparently Alexa thinks it’s there - but then I think things frequently that aren’t accurate.

Still not sure I understand the draw for Tinycam except maybe the web browser. I’m headed to check it out at any rate.

Thanks again everyone!