Watch Cameras on Tv or Screen Using Fire stick or Nvidia Shield or any other option

Any ideas if I can use a Firestick or Nvidia Shield to install the app and watch the cameras in a Tv or Screen ?

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Tinycam, though it doesn’t show up in the Amazon app store for the new 4k fire stick I just got yesterday. But it does for the regular fire stick I got last July. So I had to sideload it from my phone with an app called Apps2Fire from google play.

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Ok thanks but you need Android to do it no IOS ?

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Have you enabled the Wyze skill with Alexa? If so you should just be able to say Alexa show show me “cam name”. Works for me.

Well, yea. I mean both a firestick and Nvidia Shield are android boxes/OS. Apple is a closed system. And having lived through the proprietary (closed) PCs of the 80s, I have avoided anything apple like the plague. But I’m sure there are other ways to load it onto a 4k firestick. I just loaded the livestream app with Kodi (which you also have to sideload, but there’s a easy method. I haven’t looked for tinycam with Kodi, but it should be no different from the livestream app.

Tiny Cam does show up in the Amazon apps on the fire TV and fire TV stick so you can get it that way and it does show up in the App Store also.

I’ve just had an extremely difficult time for it to link with Wyze because it wants my cameras at the top of the device list. I move my cameras to the top of the list if I leave the app they re-orient and the lock goes back to the top. And my old CCTV’s I am having a hard time getting them too. If someone knew how to use tiny cam and could step through it man I would love it. Because I did buy the pro version which is only four dollars so I’m not out much. So if I never get it working I’m not gonna worry about it.

Ok downloading that app worked your Wyze cam there?

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I have Alexa just on my phone so I don’t have to have a tiny Cam pro. Only reason I got it was so that I could add my old CCTV cameras. Easiest way is to enable Alexa with Wyze in my opinion. OneNote tiny cam pro will know your email address and login for Wyze or any other camera system that you load so they have all your information the only way it works. That’s why a lot of people will not use it.

That’s what I thought until I got this new 4k Firestick yesterday. Tinycam is nowhere to be found. Looked and searched everywhere. Even went to Amazon site on the PC here, and while it shows a listing for it, there’s a big X next to the new firestick (named TV 4k).

And Tinycam Pro shows that it will only install on my regular firestick (named TV)

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I’ll verify in the morning. It’s 1am. Firing up the theater would put me in the dog house for a long time. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Like I said I’m not found of all the info you have to give to tinycam. They know how to log into your accounts. So I may abandon it and just wait for the WCO to be added. Change passwords of too.

What info are you giving tinycam? Besides the user name and password on your cams I mean. Which I don’t see how it could work without.

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That’s the information you’re giving them. So they could log into your cameras anytime they want to. They could even change your password if they want to and log you out of it.

If that’s a worry, why would you be using cheap wireless cams to start with? Or a firestick for that matter. My brother in law didn’t want a alexa device in his house, and I pointed out that he already had several with the firesticks he uses. That being said, I have no cams in the house, nor will I. And Tinycam is no small thing. They have to be vetted the same as all others by the many app stores they’re on. But either way, you have to assume you’re being monitored everywhere today, and you should act accordingly. So now not only do THEY have a information overload problem, but people are as guarded about what they do and say as James Bond in a 80s Moscow hotel room.

I have cameras in my house because I’m disabled. And have been for over 20 years. I’ve had three strokes, been life flighted and has more seizures than I can count. And I fall fairly consistently. So we have cameras in the house so that someone doesn’t have to be here with me 24/7. It gives people like me a little bit of independence and feel like we’re just like everybody else. There’s even a thread on here where people with disabilities have talked about how they’ve used different Wyze products to keep themselves from having help come in to live with them and to keep their family from worrying all the time. So there are uses for cameras in the house.

One unique way that people are using Wyze bulbs is a woman has diabetes and if she is low on sugar she flashes the bulb in her husband’s office and he knows to bring her orange juice. No that’s not a camera but you can see that there are uses for Wyze products and home automation for people with disabilities. And Wyze is about the only company that does home automation that has reacted and listened to this community and tried to make their products easy to use and also affordable for people limited incomes.

Oh I don’t doubt the need. I just would have to be completely out of options before I started wirelessly recording myself.

And that’s a neat idea with the woman, but I’d go, in fact I did go with a alert system for my Mom. She has two buttons, one blue and one red, and they activate a receiver that has two different alarms and flashing lights. It works great, and additional receivers and call buttons can be added to the same system.

Amazon com  Secure SWCB-2S Wireless Two Patient Call Button and Caregiver Pager Nurse Alert System - 500  ft Range - Elderly  Disabled  Bedridden Help and Emergency Safety Aid  Health   Personal Care

That’s a very nice idea and it works quite well. But I have seen some people that refuse to wear something around their neck or on their body period because it reminds them of their disability. So having something that is passive like the light doesn’t remind you constantly that you need help.

Believe me becoming disabled at age 29 really messes with your mind. If you haven’t went through it you really don’t understand what it does to you mentally. Your whole life is flipped upside down. You have to come up with a whole new way of thinking of who you are and what your life is now. Because before that I knew that I was a successful manager that made good money they could support my family and I loved my job. I truly loved going to work everyday. And now I spend most days lying in bed. It’s not fun.

I bet it does mess with your mind. I can only imagine. But she doesn’t wear them. One is on her table with her remotes and such, and one is hanging in the bathroom between the toilet and the shower. Plus she has one of those 20 mile family radios in both places too, which can reach me here. I keep one on all the time on it’s charger (which I carry with me when I’m outside), and one on the charger in my shop. All she has to do is press the button, and it beeps me.