Wyze cam android app on fire tv

i just sideloaded the android app onto my fire tv works great get v2.0.26

you will need a keyboard


Have you tested how long the live feed stays up?

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No. I haven’t had a chance to test that yet, but i can tell it is way faster connecting to it than telling Alexa to show blah blah blah.

i will try and test it later tonight when i get back.

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I am curious. Can you update if you have time on your findings?

So here’s what I found out after a bit testing the app sideloaded on the fire tv works 100%

Streaming from the app lasts well over the 10 min time limit that you get via alexa i ran mine about 30 mins

honestly i would just sideload the app and forget about the alexa skill if your just looking to view it on your tv


That is interesting. I mainly have Roku on my main TV. But, we have a side TV with the Fire.

I am unable to find the app…keeps coming up with tiny cam

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its not on the amazon app store go to apk mirror

yeah it is i just wish i could test mine out more but this camera is the only one i have that connects to 2.4ghz the rest of them are 5ghz. My 2.4 is so crowded living next to a post office and police station is not ideal for 2.4 its so unstable.

On your fire tv install a app called downloader

When you install it it comes with a web browser

Go to https://www.apkmirror.com/ and type wayz in search

Get the

Wyze 2.0.26

by Wyze Labs, Inc.

The newer ones didn’t work for me

Hope this helps you

Btw there’s a setting on your fire tv you have to do to get the app working and installed

Settings > my fire tv > developer options > apps from unknown sources ( must be on ) you can turn it back off once you get the app installed

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Thanks works great… anything that can run APKs can run this, and everything can be made to run an APK, PC, Chromebook, Android box, etc etc

AWESOME RESPONSE…Thanks all I have it up and running on my tv…totally awesome!!

Thanks for the info…got it going…

This is very cool. I wonder would it be possible to run the wyze app on the fire tv while watching tv from another app…this would be most ideal. I can watch tv and keep an eye on the baby!! :slight_smile:

Wyze app on fire tv isn’t necessary to do this. This can already be done, by installing 2 apps on your fire TV:
TinyCam Pro & Tasker. Allows a resizable/drag-able live window anywhere on your screen over any app playing. Added bonus is a built in web server allowing http access from any device on your network (password optional)


That’s neat. Great idea! Unfortunantly, I have Roku :frowning:.

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Wow Marcoke - thanks !

Following your directions I got it installed, but I am not able to click to log in button after entering username and password! So frustrating- I can’t click it with the remote, fire tv app, or wireless keyboard. Anyone else have this problem??

The wyze cam apps resolution is messed up on mine…

I’m not sure what"s going on with that. The keyboard i’m using is this one

Rii i8+ 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse, LED Backlit, Rechargable Li-ion Battery-Black

Yeah mine is too, but only when i’m im the main menu of the wyze app, but as soon as i select a camera it corrects it’s self