Wyze app in the Amazon app store for Fire / Kindle and other devices

I don’t get it. You guys have an Android app in the Play store. Why not in Amazon’s store? I know you’re working with them to get the Alexa integration working on all their current devices, so it’s not a turf issue.

Hello! While Fire OS uses a lot of Android code, it is not totally the same so it can have its own set of bugs and requirements. For now the reason we are not on Amazon’s store is bandwidth from our developers and a low amount of requests to be on this market place. We are however not against publishing the Amazon’s market place if there are enough users requesting it, so I have added this to our feature requests!


I, too, would like an app on the Amazon app store, but only care if:

  • it works with the Fire 7 (current gen I think)
  • it will stay live indefinitely (as opposed to timing out, screen going blank, etc) as I want to leave the tablet on a table with a live shot out the front window

Thanks. There was a lot of excitement at the news that Wyze would work with Amazon’s Alexa. I would think there would be a percentage who would want the app. That ten minute time limit limits the use. Also, no camera control.

Is there anything I can do to raise awareness of this?


I would like to cast a vote for an Amazon app. Please add me to the count.


Added you to the count! Thanks for letting us know.


Anyone else?


Please add WYZE APP. Can’t believe it’s not already there. Just bought 2 of your cameras and they only work on my phone. I’D like to use my Fire when I’m home.


I would like the app available for my Kindle as well.


I know I used an Android app to push Android apps to my fire TV. Might be worth a Google if you can do the same for your Kindle?

I am voting for app on Fire as well — think about the possibility! Wyzecam is about $45 CAD plus Fire8 is around $90 CAD - this combo is an affordable security solution for small office/home office setting!


Please add my vote as well… Three 10 minute timeout is very limiting. Either add in the Amazon app store or do away with the 10 minute cap. Thanks!


you might want to create a topic for your kindle request
this one is for amazon and your vote/request may, or may not get recognized here.

Hope this helps,




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I’ve moved this topic over to #wishlist so you can now vote for it. Be sure to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button for your vote to count.


I used the apk for the Kindle fire 4k and it loads but it won’t let you click the sign on button under your password and since there’s no way to use browser support to view cameras online the silk browser is useless and so is my fires stick . Apparently when you use the voice command on fire stick to show wyze cam like on the fire hd10 tablet it doesn’t work either only on the tablet does it work . On my fire tablet I say show wyze porch and boom but fire stick say I don’t understand Why should that be so hard to fix if it already runs on the tablet it should run on the fire stick . Any one else with me . Just my ideas

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I support this. Porting it over to the Amazon app store won’t cost much. If you’re not going to do so, at least provide a direct APK download on your website so we can sideload it instead of providing false hope


I would like to stream to my Amazon Fire tablet.

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Please do add to Amazon App Store! I have so many Fire/Alexa devices. I have my camera linked to my Alexa Skill, but won’t bring up display on my Fire devices (which has Alexa built in) only works on Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock. I have the Wyze Cam Pan for a baby monitor. But would love to use it on my Fire tablet as well. Especially for the babysitter, that way I don’t have to have them download the app and login (which they can see when not needed) or I’ll have to leave my phone. Big inconvenience. So please add to Amazon app store! Went through so many expensive baby monitors that don’t work and have very poor quality and the Wyze is amazing. Please help a Momma out over here!


As a work around, get tiny cam pro from the Amazon app store. It will cost $2.99 but has support for wyze cameras. With this app I’m able to successfully run the camera for days at a time, and can show multi cameras on one screen or manually toggle between one camera at a time full screen, or the app can automatically switch between cameras full screen at a configurable interval. Here are some samples


I am also voting along with hubby! That’s two more to the count! We just purchased an echo show and would love to see the cameras on there. Thanks!

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