Wyze app download

Why can’t I download Wyze cam app on a Amazon Fire HD 10? It does not come up in an app search at google play store. Is there another place to download this app?

I used APK mirror and then side-loaded on there.

The problem is that Google play isn’t on Amazon’s tablets, they force you to use the Amazon store instead and it’s not on there.


Please vote on this wishlist to let Wyze know you want it.

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I have google play store dowloaded. I have the wyze app on my fire hd 10(11th generation). I can’t find the app for my fire hd10(7th generation), at the google play store. To wierd.

Will do.

It’s normal for Play Store to omit listings for apps it thinks won’t run on your device. Wyze could fix this (or publish on the Amazon store) but it’s a lot easier to just sideload as advised above.

I only had to use Play Store to install TinyCam Pro on my Fire tablet.