Wyze would sell more cameras, if they had a Wyze App in Amazon App Store for the Fire Tablet

Wyze would sell more cameras, if they had a Wyze App in Amazon App Store for the Fire Tablet.
Please create a Wyze App in the Amazon App Store for the Fire Tablet.


Please use the #wishlist for this suggestion. Check if it exists before, and make sure to vote on it!


Looks like this is already an existing wishlist item. Please vote for it here to show your support:


I’m new to Wyze.
How do I vote for this request???

Hit the green VOTE button at the top of the thread that was linked.

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In case you are not aware of this, there is a way to load the play store and the apps on the fire tab. I have been using this for over a year with no problems. A quick search will guide you through this if you need it.


That’s a great point. I have also “side-loaded” the Wyze app onto Kindle Fire Tablets. On the Tablet, I use a browser to go to apkmirror.com/wyze and download the latest app there, then install it and tell the tablet it is okay, I trust the app, and it installs the Wyze app for me to use on my Amazon Tablet. :slight_smile:

It might be better in the long term to install Google Play so that it updates better, but there are ways to get it on Amazon tablets while we hope Wyze eventually offers it in the Amazon store.


This would (should) also make it available on Fire sticks and Fire TVs!

(Meanwhile TinyCam is available on the Amazon app store and works great with Wyzecams.)

I too sideloaded the Wyze app on my Fire tablet but I hardly ever use it. TinyCam is my console.


Thanks for the info.
Do you use tinycam or tinycam Pro.
I would definitely use tinycam if i knew how to use it. I downloaded tinycam and could not figure out how to use it. I got videos from italy and france and other places.
I would easily pay the small amount for tinycam Pro but i am afraid I will not know how to use it either.

if possible, please let me know if i should get tinycam pro and details on how to get it to display my Wyze cams.

Thank a lot,


That’s just the default demo display - TinyCam cleverly offers to show cameras around the world. You can turn all that off. You use the Add Camera function to find your own cameras. It is all (well, mostly) documented and there are some videos to help.

I use the Pro version but used the free one for a long while. It’s perfectly fine for viewing the cameras and in fact never showed me any ads when I ran it full screen.

I might add that it’s the ONLY app I’ve ever purchased.


I just got my cameras on tinyCam and really like them.
I can see 4 at a time or one of the 4 full screen on the fire tablets.
Thank you for replying to my posting for HELP.
You did, indeed, HELP me.
The one downside for me was that the setup process was EXTREMELY PAINFUL and CONFUSING, especially since each camera had to be set up individually with the exact same user name and password, etc. Why don’t they save that info so it does not have to be re-entered? And there were other problems with the setup. But I hung in there and now have all my cameras setup.


BTW, if I buy their PRO version will it remember all the data I have input for the cameras and user info or will it start all over again and make me re-enter all the data?

I agree it’s NOT the easiest. However you actually can create one camera profile with credentials and then COPY the whole camera, changing the channel number only (or, preferably, the Wyze UID). This saves a bit of time and errors. Glad you got it working.

Yes and no. The two apps are separate and can both live on the same device. However there is a nifty import/export settings function that can allow you to easily replicate all your camera setups between the two apps, in one step.

You’ve probably noticed that TinyCam also supports many other cameras in addition to Wyze.

The Pro is absolutely worth it - no ads and advanced features like a built in web server for remote viewing - its DVR function is like a basic home security system / supplement to CamPlus and SD recording.


Tiny cam pro works on my Android TV’s very well. I have a one button setting on all my TV’s to view all my cams. One drawback could be that there aren’t any Wyse settings to control anything, just to view cameras. One great thing is that you can also view your cloud events on tv and have it change automatically to view a camera if there is any motion.

I love viewing cloud events on Tiny cam. They have different colors on the timeline for different events and they have way more speed options (including faster speeds available) than Wyze offers for events. It is very well done.


Need HELP , again.
On 2 of my several fire tablets, when I search for the tinycam app on amazon App Store, I get something called “IP Camera Viewer” NOT the TinyCam app and I cannot understand how to set it up or use it.
On all my other Fire tablets I get the TinyCam app.
Can you or anyone help me.

It is pretty easy to install the Google app store on your Fire tablet so you to install all the Google apps. Do a Google search, there are several ways to do it. It’s pretty easy and takes about 5 to 10 minutes. And it is all free.

Thanks for your reply.
That’s exactly what I would like to do is install the Google App Store on my fire tablets so I could get the Wyze app in the Google App Store.
But I have spent hours, many hours trying to download the Google App Store.
BUT I have NOT been able to do it. You need to first download 4 other apps and Google has them buried in all kinds of ads. I have NEVER seen a simple, straightforward way to do it. So I ave decided that it is way too complicated.

(Continued) Now I want to download the Tinycam app to all my Fire tablets. I have the TinyCam app on all of my fire tablets except 2.
These two act very differently as follows:
When I go to the Amazon App Store and search for TinyCam app, the search returns NO TinyCam app but does return some app called “IP camera viewer” which I cannot set up or figure out how to use it.
Why does 2 of my many Fire Tablets NOT return a search result with the TinyCam app. I love the way the TinyCam works and would like to get it on my other 2 Fire tablet.
Can anyone HELP me with this???

I have found the Google App Store impossible to install on a fire tablet.
I have read many procedures and watched many videos of how to do it.
They were not easy, but complicated and confusing.
Can you help me install the google App Store on a fire tablet.
I need step by step instructions.
If it only take 5 or 10 minutes, then there should only be a few steps.
I would really appreciate your help.