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Wyze will NOT give recommend to me a list of Tablets that are compatible with Wyze app. Can anyone give SPECIFIC tablet models that will work with Wyze app? I will be using the Outdoor Cam (whenever they arrive). The reason for this is that I need a screen that is larger than a cell phone.

Any Android tablet with version greater than 5 should work. I use a 24 inch advertising tablet that I have to sideload the app on since it does not have the android store. Works good. I have also use an android media player and a monitor with mouse. Only issue I have had is the app randomly will close, or restart. If WYZE could make the app available for download outside of the app stores, it could be sideloaded on the kindles also.

Thank you for responding, After speaking with a Wyze rep this morning, it did not appear to be that simple. That is why I am requesting specific tablets that have been proven to work. The rep kept mentioning that it had to be a SMART PHONE…

Tablets are usually treated differently than smart phones based on history. I have not had any problems with mine. I use a LG tablet and also the Nexus tablets. I have not tried sideloading a Kindle yet. The media box I use has Android 5 and no app store. Problems usually arise when an Android App developer packages the app for Phones only. The Wyze app does not appear to be built that way. I have modified as well as built custom code for android in the past, so I know alot of tweaks the average user does not. I am not a professional android developer, but I am a software developer. What tablet do you have or tried? What would you like to use?

Any new or recent tablet within the past couple years should work fine. The problem you may run into with some older tablets or the cheapest non name brand Chinese tablets is they may buffer and lag during live streaming. I have 2 tablets mounted to walls that display one of my Wyze camera feeds 24/7. Currently one is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and the other is an Amazon Fire HD 8 that I installed the Google Play store since it isn’t stock, and that has also been working fine. My Galaxy Tab A tablets are older from 2017 and only run Android 7. Prior to the Amazon Fire Tablet, I also have A Galaxy Tab E that has a non stock Android 9 Rom and it worked fine to.

I was looking at the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD with Google Assistant. It has the Android™ 10 Operating System. I can purchase for $129, which is in my price range. I’m going to look into the devices that have been mentioned in the responses. I thank you for your assistance…


I like Lenovo. Don’t have that model, but, I don’t think you will have issue with it.

If and when the cameras get here I will be given the Lenovo a try…thanks

The Lenovo would be fine and that’s a good price.
Almost any brand name tablet will be fine. Samsung, LG, Asus, Acer, Lenovo and others.

Stay away from Amazon Fire tablets. They work fine but you can’t install the Wyze app, and many other apps, without modifying the existing Operating System. Something that’s not for beginners. :blush:

Wyze employees aren’t going to suggest any particular tablet because in a lot of cases it would come back to bite them. People would blame Wyze if anything went wrong in the future. I’m not suggesting you would but some would.

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All good advice and I wouldn’t recommend the Fire tablets either, even though we have a couple of them. Just one thing though, You don’t really modify the existing operating system to use Wyze or lots of other apps on a Fire HD tablet. It’s just a matter of installing the Google Play store and that just takes installing 3 files. You don’t even need to connect the Fire Tablet to a PC or anything, just download and install them in order after enabling unknown sources.

Yup, I know but didn’t want to explain it. You go ahead. :blush:
I have an HD 8. There was a point where the Wyze app wouldn’t load my cameras. I stopped updating the app. Forget which version.

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Welcome @perolf!

Although the app is optimized for phones, it will work fine on tablets too. Just remember that the app doesn’t have a landscape view except for playback and live views of the cameras.

Any recent tablet should work as other have mentioned.

FYI: My old Nexus 7 (Android 6.x) runs the WYZE app and all functions therein just fine.

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Thanks to everyone that has responded. I feel much more comfortable now about purchasing a tablet. Lenovo on top of the list but still checking out other…

Officially, Wyze does not support Amazon Kindle Fire tablets.

I have a current production 10" Fire tablet with the Wyze app side loaded (it is the only app I have loaded on the tablet), and whereas I can say the tablet is cheap and the app mostly runs, I find the constant crashes and other compatibly issues a definite irritation.

I run the tablet 16 hours a day in Wyze group mode, and it seems like every time I hear something outside and want to glance at the grid of cameras the app has already crashed back to the device home page. Also, next morning use of the app usually fails, with unloaded cameras (frozen screens) or black screens. So I have to clear & reload the app.

Worst thing is I can’t report the issues because the hardware isn’t supported.

So I don’t recommend a Fire tablet. At least not with the Wyze app.

TinyCAM Pro works perfectly on firetablet.


Zenpad works fine until last App update. Cannot play events, just froze, crash.

Have you ensured that hardware encoding is turned off within the application? Try that, close the WYZE app, and reboot the device.

I know if I enable hardware encoding on my Nexus 7 I have strange issues with the v2 cams.

Worth a shot…and good luck!

When I turn on hardware encoding on a Nexus 9 tablet I get a green hue along the top of the video.

Just tried turnung off hardware encoding.
Same freezing.

I suspect Wyze changed their video rendering engine in this version . question is to what?

Also, if anyone come across a 7 inch tablet with fhd and fast cpu for Android 9, please post. Seems no more manufacturers making good 7 inches. they are like 8 inches and up.