Can someone recommend a new device since these don't work with android tablets anymore?

Can someone recommend a new device since these don’t work with android tablets anymore?

What do you mean by “these don’t work”?

Yes, please clarify, because I’m using the Wyze app without issue on my tablet.

A couple of months ago the wyze cams stopped working on my tablets and the app hasn’t been available in the store. There’s an entire tread in this community on the subject.
I just need cameras that will work with my tablets.

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Oh, I have a side-loaded apk on mine (it’s an older tablet and the regular Wyze app wasn’t available for it). It’s been so long that I forgot it wasn’t from the app store. My bad. Lol

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What is the model and version of your tablet?
You’ll most likely have to use a side-loaded apk on it as @towelkingdom mentioned. Was the Wyze app working on it before?


Yes, It was working fine. Suddenly I couldn’t connect to my cameras, got an error message. Checked on the second tablet and got the same message. I looked for an updated app in the store but couldn’t find it at all. Came to this site and found that this is and has been an issue for over a year.

What error message were you getting? Sometimes I have to reboot my cameras or clear the app cache, when I can’t view my cameras. Usually the cache clear works, failing that, I’ll unplug the cameras, wait 30 seconds and plug them back in and that always works when cache clearing didn’t (which is rare).

Rebooting does nothing. I can connect to the cameras from my phone, not the tablets, which is a requirement for their use.

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News to me. I don’t normally use my tablet for Wyze (primarily used for drone flying), but I just fired up the Wyze app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and it is working just fine. The Tab is using Wyze app version 2.18.12 And the Google Play Store shows a new version available (updating now)…

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What kind of tablet are you using?

I was simply asking for some new camera ideas.

Thanks for nothing.

I mean, we were just trying to help get your camera feed working (since there is still a tablet app available). That’s kind of the point of the WYZE community forum.


WYZE app disappeared in Play Store for Android tablets - Ask the Community - Wyze Community (

As I previously stated. There is a whole thread that has been talking about that for over a year. Not the point of my post.

Well, this is a Wyze forum, so you may be unlikely to get recommendations for other devices as that’s not the purpose of this forum.

If you’re only looking for another brand of camera, the Eufy cameras are pretty popular, particularly the Eufy 2k indoor camera.

However, as for your current problem, Android devices are all over the place as far as hardware, manufacturer, Android OS level, etc. If the app isn’t in the store it’s just due to your particular Android device not being listed as compatible so it doesn’t show up. You should be able to easily download and install the Wyze app APK manually. I’ve run the Wyze app on several old Android devices that are supposedly not compatible according to the Play store and they do work.