WYZE app disappeared in Play Store for Android tablets

I was updating other apps and notice WYZE app no longer in Google Play Store.

Is this only me?

edit:. also Installed column Google Play store does not show my WYXE app exists. my Wyze App stills function. Is it hackers ?


Wyze app is in Play Store

I rebooted my device.
go back and check google play store.

noop… no app in search. my installed app still not listed.

wonder if Wyze now not supporting Android v5. Tablets.

Android 5 is the minimum

btw, I am still on the. .17 version.
looks like they Released an update on 12thMar.I can search it in browser (kind of play Store) but not found in actual Google Play Store App.

Probably, Wyze uploaded new software with restrictions.

there is no app

I am not sure who is able to see the Wyze app in the Play Store. My Android Tablet is 6.0.1 and the Play Store indicates my device is not compatible to the Wyze App and provides no suggested older version to download, Also, there has been at least one post indicating an Android 10 device cannot see the Wyze app.

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Thx for the info. I thought my device is the only one.

Will Wyze staff check forums?

Samsung Galaxy Tab (2016) aka SM-T580
Android 8.1.0

I’m glad some one started this post as the issue is getting lost in the blather in that other thread,“Wyze App 2.9 Released,” where my post three days ago has gone ignored among the others reporting the same. Peepeep first posted up about it a week ago!

Sideloading an APK from apkpure or elsewhere is unacceptable for, at the least, as it might work one person, it might not work for all.

The Wyze app vanished from my Play Store Installed and Library lists and as reported here, gone from the Play Store as well.

If I access the app’s Play Store page in a browser and select “open in play store app” I see the “isn’t compatible with your device anymore” message.

This was first reported in that other thread a week ago.

Why the hell can’t Wyze just respond with:

  1. We’re working on fixing that or
  2. Sorry, you’ll need to stick with 2.8.24.

If two, a site to download the APK would be fair.



Have you submitted a support ticket or at least contacted support? The forum is mainly all users, if your goal is to get company response, I’d say go the support route to this can be documented.

Edit/ I don’t have this issue with my devices, just trying to help direct to get answers/assistance.

My situation is the same as lodbrok7.

  1. Wyze App vanished from my Play Store Installed and Library Lists.
  2. Play Store indicates the Wyze App “isn’t compatible with your device anymore”.
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I just created a Support Ticket.

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I have not sent in a support ticket yet.
I thought I should ask.
If WYZe kniw the issue, why bombard them.

As another user said, WYZE created this forum yet does not use its full potential as a communication to users.
I think WYZE has a lot to learn.
User can help with old known issues but not New Wyze shooting their own foot issues.

I did talk to support last Wednesday (3/11) upon getting a phone number after drilling through several frames in that ridiculous little online form.

I got disconnected in mid-sentence on the first try.

Second try was OK and I was told the update would be available later on in the evening.

This isn’t some “my cat looks fuzzy” issue. It’s about the permanent removal from the upgrade process just for some unspecified reason, in my case a very nice, costly Samsung Galaxy Tab (2016) having specs better than alot of the latest devices and the still viable Android 8.1.0. Without so much a blog post, a forum sticky or a banner on the home page. But total silence. The Cam 2 specifications still shows “Android 5.0 or later.”

Good enough for you?

That said, I’d be happy with either
We’re working on fixing that or
Sorry, you’ll need to stick with 2.8.24.
as my Cam 2 is great either way. All I want is to know…

Understood and agree.

One thing, Wyze may not condone sideloading for security reasons.

Using Samsung Tablet Android 9.??? Uninstalled app to hopefully correct some lagging issues. Now no app available to reinstall. This seems like an issue that deserves a Wyze response.

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Wyze is currently looking into this issue. It appears to be affecting only users with Android tablets. Please stay tuned.


This should be simple to fix…

When the problem occurs for a new release and only affects Android tablets, the 1st thing I would do is a diff between the latest version of the App Manifest file (AndroidManifest.xml) for the project source set to the previous (known good) manifest. A permission was probably added to the manifest that excludes tablets, most likely related to telephony. For example:

<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.telephony" android:required="true" />

will exclude most tablets.


I would do that, but Moderators and Mavens don’t work for Wyze. We’re all volunteers. :slight_smile:

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I know. :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe this could be passed on? I’m sure whomever controls the releases already knows this stuff.

It makes sense that this is most likely the issue as permissions were definitely added to the latest Android release.