App 2.14 and Wyze Band Released and the Person Detection Pilot Closed - 10/13/20

I’m on beta 2.14.33. Person detection gone. OK. I read somewhere where I can put my Outdoor Cam on Cam Plus. Can’t find where to do that.

will this fix the delayed notifications on android (phone in sleep mode)

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The 2.14.33 is the current android production app. Camplus for the WCO is currently in beta and not in the production app at this time.

For some reason I cannot update to version 2.14.33 on Android. My Wyze app version is “stuck” on 2.13.119. In my Play Store app if I go to the Wyze app page, there is no option to update - just open or uninstall. I’ve cleared the cache and data for both the Wyze app and the Play Store app to no avail.

In a desktop browser window (private, not logged into Google) the Wyze app Play Store page says the latest update was on October 13 but the latest version is 2.13.119 - that must be a mistake. Is that somehow preventing my Google/Play account from recognizing there is a newer version of the Wyze app?

Or is the app update being rolled out in stages?

Is this an older device or a tablet or something you were trying to update the app on?
I’ve had this problem in the past with wyze and recently another brand camera system.

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I’m also having the issue of cameras taking up to 1 minute to connect when it used to be 2-3 seconds. It’s basically unusable. This is new behavior with 2.14.33.

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My phone isn’t old - no issues with other apps updating on it.

A shared user on my account has the exact same phone and they got the 2.14.33 update.

I wish I had an answer for ya how to fix it.
Try restarting your phone, Make sure all of your other apps are up to date.
You could also try uninstalling the wyze app, if none of that works I suggest you contact support

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Thanks for the replies.

Yeah I’ve already restarted the phone. I may try uninstalling/reinstalling the Wyze app…

This is what I see in my Play Store app on the phone:

And this is what the page says in a desktop browser (private mode, I am not logged into my Google account). Note how the listed app version is actually the older one from Sept 14.

Whenever I have had that problem the company had to push out a new app version to fix it, but ya never know .
I’ve seen people having all kinds of strange things like that in the play store

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If your Android on your phone is before Version 5. you won’t see it in store.


Doing that should force the newest version

Sadly uninstall/reinstall didn’t work. Play Store only installs version 2.13.119.

I’m not sure if it’s some kind of bug with the Play Store and my Google account, or some kind of issue with how my Wyze app install is communicating with the Play Store. As mentioned above I’ve tried clearing the Play Store cache/data multiple times. This is such a bizarre problem. I’ve never had any issue updating any apps.

The sad thing is I’ve been waiting for the new app update to see if it would fix issues that arose since the last update on September 14. Now I can’t even check that. :confused:

I’m sure you know this but you can always pick your own Android app version from 3rd party APK repositories…

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What if I am not interested in Person Detection because I want to detect everything that moves?

I am already a cam plus sub…do i meed to make any changes?

Just make sure " all other motion" is selected.:slight_smile:

Oh ok…that’s the way i’ve always had it.

How about a update to GET RID of the floating send button