Wyze App 2.9 Released - 3/9/20

Hello, forum folks!

Wyze app versions 2.9.29 for Android and 2.9.23 for iOS are coming to a phone near you!

We added hardware decoding for Android and there’s a slow roll-out for beta testing our person detection. We’re working to balance the server load so we aren’t sending it out to everyone quite yet. You can learn more about the Wyze Cloud Person Detection here:


And if you would like to join the waitlist to receive person detection with less wait than you otherwise may have, please fill out this form:


If you don’t see the 2.9 update yet, you should see it in the next day!

Learn more in our Release Notes:


@WyzeGwendolyn, that you for the update on the Forum!

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Hey Gwendolyn,

Any chance we can get the option to silence / acknowledge the aggressive firmware notices?

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I cannot save or share videos any longer on camera videos on cameras that do not have an SR card

The capability is sort of there. It’s per camera, but you can select Don’t notify me and then cancel from the notification dialog. This will silence the notifications for that camera until the next firmware update rolls out.


Ok, referring to sharing and saving videos…
I found them. They are hard to see if the video is light. I had to turn the phone /app to portrait and tap the video to see them.

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The ability to tell the app not to notify has been gone since v2.8 over here in the android camp. Only option I’ve seen since then is a cancel button, but it will literally nag every single time now.

It’s why I’m now in a holding pattern with the app as well as firmware :roll_eyes:

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Thank you for the heads-up @WyzeGwendolyn. 2.9.29 for Android is has been working well so far today with Hardware Decoder enabled. :+1:

Edit: 2.9.23 for iOS has been stable all night and this morning also. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well dang! That is truly unfortunate! And obviously very iOS centric of me! My bad and I hope it gets resolved shortly.

Ha… thought you had an android tablet to monitor the wellbeing of us plebes? :smile:

I used to, but it was getting long in the tooth so I finally put it out of my misery with my .44 may it rest in pieces.

But I have a Pixel 3 I bought coming shortly. So I will once again have an Android phone to play with!


Do my eyes deceive? The anti-Google with a Pixel?

A .44 huh? Awful lotta firepower for a poor, defenseless tablet!

Hey you know what they say; “know your enemy”. My daily use phone is an iPhone X and my daily use tablet is a 6th Gen iPad.

But I do like to keep tabs on the evil empire. So I have a single google account I use only on Android devices. :grin:

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Is the “slow roll-out” only for the Cloud Person Detection feature? Or the entire app v.2.9.29?

I’m still seeing only v.2.8.24 available in the Play Store - even after uninstalling app and re-accessing Play Store:

And via browser on a PC:

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@WyzeGwendolyn : The new Android App 2.9.29 added five permissions. I am very curious about four of them: 1. Directly Call Phone Numbers, 2. Close Other Apps, 3. Set an Alarm, and 4. Draw Over Other Apps. Would you please elaborate on the purpose of these new permissions?


Is there a reason the shopping tab in my android app has been showing a maintenance page with a link to the web page instead of just opening in the app as normal? This has been for at least a month

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Interesting. I am not seeing those new permissions.

I did the same on one device, uninstalled and reinstalled and I still have v.2.8.24 , I checked 2 other devices and they are showing v.2.8.24 in the Play Store
my Samsung S 9 plus running Android 10 is showing v2.9.29 in the Play Store

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I’ve seen that for a few weeks now too.