iOS App Version 2.27.34 Released! - 1/6/22

iOS app 2.27.34 is releasing! This allows support for Person Detection for more devices. More information coming about that soon!

Read our Release Notes:


So mysterious! I love it.

Please tell me that all my lights are all innately getting person detection with some super innovative function so they automatically turn on whenever a person is present and automatically turn off whenever there is no person present, and it will ignore my cats, and will still be able to tell I’m there while I’m sitting or laying down watching TV without me having to do anything. That would be AWESOME! OK, so of course I know it’s not actually adding person detection to all my lights (at least not without being linked through rules to cameras or motion sensors)…but that would be pretty cool! And as long as it’s a mysterious note, I can live in my fantasy world for just a few minutes longer… :slight_smile:


Downloaded and installed. Will test it out.




Updated… So far so Good.

@carverofchoice What would be even cooler… Wyze Car detects a person and can creep, slow roll behind the “person” detected. Wyze Eyes, (Clap clap), They’re watchin you…


Every time there was a new app version, I’d try again to get my Wyze Cam Outdoor base station working under Wi-Fi. This time, it worked with v2.27.34 (6).

Unfortunately, my iPhone has also frozen 5 times, frozen so hard that the clock stopped and it wasn’t possible to force-reboot, even holding volume-down and power keys for 25 seconds…and every time was while using the Wyze app. The iPhone does eventually reboot on its own after about 4-5 minutes. Is anyone else experiencing freezes?