App 2.14 and Wyze Band Released and the Person Detection Pilot Closed - 10/13/20

Hello, forum folks!

App versions 2.14.33 for Android and 2.14.22 for iOS are releasing today along with Wyze Band firmware! This adds a running in the background setting, closes the Person Detection pilot, fixes a setup bug with iOS 14, and more.

Release Notes:


Thanks for the updates!

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Has the iOS WyzeBeta app (iPadOS to be precise in my case) been updated also? I’m currently at Beta 2.14.11 and .22 doesn’t show up (yet?) in TestFlight. Thanks.

Bug 2.4.22 iOS: When you watch an event and clic Playback, the position time is not at the event time. It is the same thing to clic playback in live viewing. You have to go back at the time of event. @WyzeBin @WyzeGwendolyn

Edit: video added


You’re welcome for the update, @jls4wheeler!

@milehiguy, I really can’t speak for iPadOS. Beta should already have access to these features and fixes. How are things looking since you posted?

@gyzmo, thanks for the report! I’ll share it with the team. Any chance you sent in a log while you were at it? :slight_smile:

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Log submitted🙂

@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeBin

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You rock! Thank you very much! :grin:

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What do you mean by person detection pilot closed?

Since earlier this year, there has been a gradually opened beta (pilot) for Wyze Person Detection on 12-second videos. With this update, the pilot is removed and the only ways to have the person detection is through Cam Plus or the name-your-price program for people with legacy accounts made before November 26, 2019.



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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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First time commenting on the forums, and hopefully my question is related enough to place here.

Despite the Person Detection beta/pilot closing, under the Notification settings within the camera’s (in my case an Outdoor Cam) settings; there is and option to enable separate notifications for Person and All Other Motion. WIthout Cam+ (and presumably no way to use any other form Person Only Detection), how is the app able to send me notifications for People events that are recorded without any form of Person Detection being used???

Android 2.14.33 still shows person Detection (pilot} under services. But more importantly this version does not fixed the jumpy live stream on V1 cameras. Will you address this @WyzeGwendolyn

@beemgee - I noticed the same thing last night after updating the app. I forgot how many of the following I performed, but force close the app and/or restart your device and it will probably be gone. I was going through settings just a few minutes ago and checked again - no more PD pilot.

Did both still there, maybe a server side update.

Service running in the background has not changed notification time on mine Android system

From my observations, it’s almost like it waits until the cooldown is complete. That’s loosely based on my morning commute to work. I walk through my backyard, get in my car and right when I’m around the same spot driving, I’ll get the notification.

I wish I had 5 minute response time a half an hour no change hasn’t gotten better nor gotten worse

oh wow, that does seem like a really long time