WYZE app disappeared in Play Store for Android tablets

If someone passes this info on, I’m 99% sure it’s an implied feature requirement that excludes tablets that don’t have telephony hardware and is related to the recent addition of the “Directly call phone numbers” permission in the latest Android Wyze app build. App/CM manager should read this and google the coding workaround:

I’m fairly sure you are correct but not sure how many people are at work in Seattle this week.


Yup, not seeing updates on my Galaxy Tab S2 running 7.0. Had to copy the apk from my S8 onto my tablet to be able to update to the latest version.

I quickly compared the Manifests of 2.8.24 and 2.9.29. No permissions were removed. The following have been added:

For some reason these did not get into the above msg.
uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW”
uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMS”
uses-feature android:name=“android.hardware.bluetooth_le” android:required=“true”
uses-permission android:name=“com.android.alarm.permission.SET_ALARM”
uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.CALL_PHONE”
uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES”

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Adding uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.CALL_PHONE” makes the app unavailable to any device that doesn’t have telephony… meaning just about all tablets.

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Thank you!


Why is WYZE use Call Phone function? Does it dial a number without user knows?

There are popular apps out there wants to access your phone calling history and txt history for a Map function.

I think they added additional permissions in anticipation of upcoming app enhancements. For this particular permission, it could be for a streamlined method to contact customer support. I don’t work for Wyze and have heard nothing… I’m just guessing here.

Wyze is adding support for a fitness band they plan to release. Maybe the band can initiate calls.

Thx for the explanation.

Is there a way to fake tablet as a phone to make it works?

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It would be easier to sideload the app on your tablet or wait a few days for the next release. Hopefully Wyze has addressed the issue.

I am not in a hurry.
perhaps WYZE can issue separate app for the band that can dial a phone.

Sometimes vendors use a different app for phones and tablets.

I don’t see Wyze creating a separate Android code branch for a new feature. Too messy to maintain. It would be cleaner and safer to request this type of app permission at runtime (only when actually needed) vs the current installation time (blindly ask once regardless of use, never ask again). Unfortunately, I think this type of device functionality check will change the current minimum Android version from 5 to 6. I’m fine with that, but I know some users here are still stuck on pre-v6 Android.

If it had HTML-like markup, it’ll confuse the forum software and would not be rendered.

For example, if I want to do strikethrough, we see this
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very informative… thank you.
my tablet is on v5.
this mean snyone uses their old tablet as monitor will need new tablet.
I have a ASUS tablet which is much better than another tablet avsilable now on market.

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There are alternatives to buying new devices.
Most tablets can be rooted and updated to newer versions of Android or you can sideload the Wyze app.
Do you have a Nexus 7?

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It takes about 10 lines of app code to do a runtime check for device functionality and bypass the “new enhancement” feature if not supported by older devices/Android versions. The problem is that as time goes on and one or two new features becomes 10 or 20, the code becomes a spaghetti’d mess. It’s easier to just raise the minimum required Android version to one that supports the new features. As @angus.black posted above, you can always sideload the app or root and upgrade Android.

We’re starting to drift this thread and I apologize if anyone is perturbed. Mods: feel free to delete at will… I’m not a “sensitive” person. :sunglasses:

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Zenpad 7
Try not to root it to open up cracks for hacking.
sideload is a posdibility. but need WYZE post their app. I don’t sideload from other sources.

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