Any recommended Android tablets?

My understanding was that the wyze cam would work on any Android but when I go to the Google play store on my Android 4.4.2 tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note 8 circa 2016) it says not compatible.
So I need a new tablet, I’d like to keep it inexpensive as possible, 8" screen or so.
Any recommendations?

I’m suprised the note 8 is not comaptible. But I went on amazon to get a cheap 10" tablet with Android (Tblet)

Though this tablet isn’t still available there are other ones available. Note though the videos sometimes lags on these tablets but I only paid $70 for it and it seems to do what i want.

Can you upgrade your Android to v5? Here are the requirements:

Not without rooting and rebuilding.

It’s well worth gaining root access. You can install Android 7 or 8 easily.
A cheap tablet to check out would be the Amazon Fire 8 HD.

Now that I’ve thought about this, your tablet can’t be a Note 8. They shipped with Android 7 in 2017 and are upgradeable to 9.
It must be a Tab4 8.0.

I have Wyze on my Galaxy Tab 4. Just enabled developer mode and downloaded it and installed it from a source other than Google Play. My Galaxy Tab 4 is still on 4.4

It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 model GTN5110.
NOT A PHONE only a tablet. And I was wrong, I bought it about 2014.

Would a “Amazon Fire 7 Tablet - 2015 Model (Includes Special Offers), 7” Touchscreen IPS Display, Quad-Core Processor, 8GB Internal Storage, 802.11n, FireOS 5 - Black" work?

I’ve done a bit more research on the Fire Tablets. I don’t think they are the tablet for you. They don’t use the regular Google app store. You have to use the Amazon store. You can probably load apps directly by installing the .apk.

I think the Samsung Tab A 7" would be a safer choice.

This is a pretty old tablet, 2015.
If you can’t wait to get a new tablet, Acer tablets can usually be had cheap and have the Google Play Store.

Yes it’s an old device (actually introduced in 2013) but makes a good viewer when I use it with my Reolink Argus 2 as a backup camera viewer.

If you already own the amazon tablet, give it a try. You may have to get the APK somewhere else since the Amazon app store does not have the wyze app and Google play store is not included with fireos.

If you are willing to futz with it some, you can install the Google Play Store app on your Fire tablet, then you can install almost all the apps found there. You’ll have to do some searching to figure out how to do this.

He didn’t want to root his current tablet so I assume he wouldn’t want to mess with a new one either.

Technically, you don’t need to “root”. You just need to allow installation from unknown sources. This would allow you to install applications from places other than the Amazon app store. It’s a simple toggle in the tablet settings, not like traditional root which requires bootloader unlock and flashing a root package (magisk, supersu).
Once the google play store is installed, and all the apps you want are installed, you can go back to not allowing installation from unknown sources. The apps will still work.


What he said.

This I did not know.
Before I retired a about a decade ago I was a part time “brickmaker”. From lowly PDP-11/23’s in the '80’s to high end systems up to 2011 I bricked them all. Most of the ones I permanently bricked other sysadmins had already given up on. So I’m very apprehensive about bricking new tools, especially ones I pay for.
Is "allow installation from unknown sources. " in all the older Fire tablets?

We’re confusing two topics.
gemniii’s current tablet isn’t the Amazon Fire. The one he didn’t want to root is a Samsung Note 8.0.
I did assume he wouldn’t want to sideload stuff. I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

Here is a good article on the steps to sideload the Google Play store on a FireOS tablet.

Yes, I’m looking at getting an Amazon Fire. Woot had refurbs briefly for $17. But even brand spanking new from Amazon for $50 is not a bad price.

Thanks for the link.

Just yell if you need any help.
I haven’t bricked an Android device yet. Yours could be the first. :smile: