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Hey everyone this is my first tie posting… I am wanting to put the Wyze App on another device so I was wondering what kind of tables can the Wyze App be installed on? What is the operating system it needs…


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The Wyze app is available on iOS and Android. You can also get it on Fire Tablets, but you’ll need to Google how to install the Play Store.



kind of tables ?
You did mean tablets didn’t you?

What size device and expenditure are you looking for?
I’ve got it on an Amazon Fire 10 refurb ($100) which looks nice but if I had it to do over again I would probably go for a decent straight android that would be easily upgradeable.

Note - just before I got my Fire 10 the Fire 7 was going for $17, I think on Woot.
The Fire was easy to side-load Google play on and then load the Wyze app.

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Thanks Gemniii and yes I did mean tablets.

I’ve had the app running on my iPad Pro 9.7" (vintage 2016) ever since the Wyze cams were first available for purchase (late 2017). App and cams work great. Note, however, that there is no app-wide support for landscape mode on tablets, so you’re likely to be rotating the tablet (or your head) quite often, even while navigating menus. Cams are nice, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear as if Wyze is committed to addressing the landscape issue in the near future.

Thanks milehiguy.

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