Wyze app on Android 11 Go platform

Not seeing a post about this but does anyone know if the Wyze app works with Android 11 Go on tablets. I’m thinking of buying a Walmart Onn tablet for work just to view my Wyze cams and keep my iPhone free. Thank you in advance.

I don’t know about the Walmart Onn Android 11 Go platform (although I see lots of mixed reviews about its abilities), but I thought I’d talk about you wanting to keep your iPhone free.

I have the Wyze app installed on all my devices, and I use it from all my devices. I have an Amazon Fire 10 tablet that is up in 4-camera group mode all day long for monitoring. When I need to change a setting on a camera, I leave that up and grab my iPhone. My iPhone is also the best device for when I am in another room, or on the road. I also have an iPad, but I try to keep that free for gaming. However, the Beta app is installed there too (Android production app on the Fire tablet, and iOS production app on the iPhone).

So even if you get the Walmart tablet, I’d still install the Wyze app everywhere! :slight_smile:

Bought a cheap Hyjoy 8 inch tablet to use as a Wyze Cam monitor. It runs Android 10 Go. When I tried to install the Wyze app I got the " not compatible" message. After some research Learned you run can’t Wyze and a number of apps on the stripped down Android Go app. I returned the Hyjoy and bought a Oon running full up Android 10 and it works great with my cams. Also, it is a pretty darn good tablet for $80 bucks with almost no bloatware like the current Samsung.

Thanks for the replies. I do have the Wyze app installed on my iPhone but when I meant keep it free I meant to use as a phone so I don’t get interrupted when viewing my Wyze cams on the iPhone. I ended up buying a refurbished iPad 2 to keep at work mostly to read the news and check on my cameras. Luckily I still have my 30 pin cables.