App for Amazon Fire tablets?

I have several Fire tablets in my home and would like to use them with WYZE cameras, is there a way to do this?

I basically converted my Fire tablet by downloading Google Play files and then I could basically download any android app including Wyze.



Yes I tried to download the Wyse app off off google play a nd it says there are no available devices to download it

So how do I get the app to work?

PLEASE respond with a link for instructions for downloading and installing the Wyze app from Google Play.

(We bought the Fire tablet for this purpose, but are disappointed we could not do it right away.)


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THANK YOU very much, HDRock !!



I noticed the video is from 2019 is this video still the correct way to get the Fire Tablet to play Wyze cam video?

Thanks bunches!

Great video, unfortunately downloading googleplay from no longer works which makes this video nearly useless.

If your fire tablet is relatively new, you can install Google Play, sideload normal Android apps and do other useful tasks by using Fire Toolbox

I wish I had seen this about 8 hours ago, when I was trying to install the Wyze app on my newly purchased Fire 7.

A couple of years ago I bought a Fire HD 10 after making sure I could jailbreak it to run as a regular Android. The process was straightforward using the instructions found online. Last week I ordered a marked-down Fire 7 intending to jailbreak it just as a dedicated viewer for my Wyze cams. I didn’t bother looking for the instructions because I figured it would be just as easy as it had been a couple years ago – stupid me! – I googled jailbreaking a Fire tablet and found all sorts of garbage posts online. Including a couple of sites that insist that you can just load GooglePlay directly. I also looked for information on loading the Wyze app and found several sites telling me that the Wyze app is available from the Amazon Play Store (Ha!)

Of course the Fire tablet will try to display the Wyze cameras through Alexa using the Wyze Skill, except that the Wyze Skill works less than 20% of the time.

I did eventually get the Wyze app loaded by loading something that let me load the aurora store that let me load the Wyze app. All told I spent a bit over two hours following useless sets of instructions and worthless links before I got the job done. Tomorrow I’ll try your link and see if it lets me get Google Play working on the Fire 7.

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Know also the Wyze app is not said to be compatible with Fire tablets. Pure Android only.

That said, I do use a Fire tablet, and it works well, but crashes randomly throughout the day. But I’ve heard that may happen to some Android users too. Just can’t complain about it because it isn’t a supported platform. So pure Android brothers, complain if this affects you. :slight_smile:

The Fire OS is Android but an older version and they removed pieces to make it slightly incomplatible. The Fire Toolbox I linked to above tries to supply those pieces they removed. But it does not work for the older Fire tablets. I have a Fire 11 Max and it’s stable.

Edit - It also removes the Amazon ads