Need recommedations for inexpensive Android Tablet

Long time user of products and controlling them using iPad. However, setting up account at local museum and need inexpensive Tablet for them. Currently using OLD Android 6 Tablet. It runs the Wyze App but I get strange error messages about the Wi-Fi when trying to install a light bulb. I checked the online stores for Android Tables and they sell only Android 7 - 11 units.

Many light bulbs (the non-color and the color units) and one camera is all I plan to control. My iPad now has the updated App user interface that I like, but looks like Android 6 will not support the newer App Software.

Any suggestions about an inexpensive Tablet for above application.

Any? Here’s mine. I saw a couple of good reviews about Wal-Mart’s Android tablet called the Onn. I bought their 10" with Android 10 installed. Decent ram and storage. They also have one that has Android “Lite” usually with more memory available since the OS takes up less. Mine wa about $104. Good luck.

I’m confused. Are you looking only for an Android 6 tablet? Your comment “they sell only Android 7 - 11 units” leads me to believe they’re unacceptable for some reason.

If you are looking specifically for Android 6 only you may be out of luck as that’s a fairly old version and I doubt there’s any available in normal retail channels, if anywhere.

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The Onn tablets do work great and fast. However, make sure you get one with the camera on the short edge. Saying that because a colleague of mine putchased a 10 inch one with the camera on the long edge (landscape). The Wyze app works on it, but it gets confused as to which way is up and he has a hard time when he rotates the tablet. The 8inch one has the camera in the correct spot and the Wyze app should be fine.

However, @Sam_Bam , what is your experience with Wyze on the Onn tablet? I was looking at getting one, but after seeing his and the landscape vs portrait issue, he had, I was rethinking it.

I ended up with another Fire tablet, when the 10 inch went on sale. I considered a couple of others.

I also landed on a Fire 10. Drat, could not find a sale … grrrrrrr. :grimacing:

Could not get the app store installed. Double drat. :grimacing: :grimacing:

@spamoni4, that’s exactly the problem that I have too. But I didn’t know it was unique to the 10 inch one with the camera on the side. My solution each time, was simply use the pull down quick menu and change direction, locking it. Annoying but not a big deal.

Thanks though. I didn’t know it was that Onn 10".

Ohterwise, I like it.

I have been told that it has to do with the camera location. But have not seen it working for myself on the 8 inch. I am considering buying one, so will verify when I get it. Thankfully, Walmart has a good return policy it if it doesn’t work.

Sorry. My old Table is an Android 6. Looking for a new Android Tablet that is inexpensive but works well with the Wyze App. Don’t need the Table for anything else. When first looking for an Android Tablet I did not understand the numbering approach for (I guess) the operating system version. It’s easy to buy an expensive Table. They are either very good or the reviews would say BAD. But for $90 - $110 it is much more difficult.

I don’t think you’re going to find much available that’s reliable in the sub $100 range. I have a couple of older Samsung tablets that have no issues - including the Wyze app. Mine are no longer available but a newer model may suit your needs for just slightly more than $100.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" 32GB with Wi-Fi Dark Gray SM-T220NZAAXAR - Best Buy

Stay away from the older Amazon Fire (2019), the Wyze latest app I can load is 2.21.2 and now my V3’s can’t be updated and seen.
Wyze will probably do that to the newer ones soon.
Basically another piece of useless expensive technology, I bought that $100 device for using with Wyze, now it might as well be junk.

I hadn’t noticed that but even if true, there’s nothing much wrong with running older versions of the app. Mine is several years old. Besides, on a tablet you’re better off using TinyCam to view your cameras since it’s much more versatile (and has landscape mode).

Right this second the Fire 7 is on sale for $39 - crazy cheap and it will do everything you need (I think it occasionally sells for even lower). Also right now the significantly better Fire HD8 is on sale for $59.

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