Looking for recommendations for cheap Android 6+ device w/16GB+ as a viewer

I’ve got a Samsung J3 w/ 16GB running Beta and an Amazon Fire 10 tablet running Beta. The Fire is not supported, but works well.

But now I’m looking for a really cheap tablet w/16GB +(<$100) mainly as an additional monitor but also to run production Wyze. The bigger the better.

Any suggestions?.

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If you’re okay with an Amazon Fire tablet those are hands down the best tablets under $100. Very few name-brand tablets sell for less than $100 (though I’ve seen refurb 10" Lenovo Tab 4 for a bit over $100).

I’ve had a few RCA and off brand tablets in the $40-80 range and all of them had disappointing performance and compatibility issues with typical Android apps. The budget line-up usually has low-res screens (1024x600), small internal storage (8GB), and buggy OS builds.

In the end I was happy to find relatively high-quality hardware and stable OS on the Fire tablet line for typically less than $50, even if you have to install the Google Play Store manually.

I agree that the Fire is great, but I want to get something that is supported, both by Wyze and my wallet.

That’s why I’m asking I can’t afford to buy stuff that doesn’t work and I hate returning items.
Maybe I’ll get another Fire on Prime Day.

Ebay is a great place to shop. I bid on a Samsung Tablet and got it for $80. It is a 16 GB with a 32 GB Micro SD card slot option. It works great with the Wyze app. Ebay is the place to save money. I’ve had this tablet for over a year and haven’t had any problems with it at all. Highly recommend.

Hey Mr. gemnii! When you are looking for a cheap tablet, you want to also take in consideration the processor. I’m a newbie to Android development and I needed a tablet to test the scaling of my apps to be able to go from smartphone to tablet with ease. Like you, I didn’t want to go the expensive route. I went to Targets and picked up a $75 RCA Android Tablet. When I got home I tested to make sure the tablet work which it did. Later that same day, I tested an app on it to check its scalability. The app in size was about 10MB. The RCA Android tablet could not handle much of anything because of it’s processing speed. I took it back, by the way, I also brought a 16GB SD Card.

That is a key feature to look at! Happy hunting bro!

This is not an endorsement on my behalf. Just passing on a URL that I came across today.

Walmart’s New $64 Tablet is Actually Pretty Good

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