Tablet to use as monitor

Am looking lor the best 10" Android tablet that I can use specifically for a monitor.
I have 15+ cameras - and while all work great and are viewable on my cell phone, I am thinking of other solutions - permanent…
My goal is to have dedicated tablet / display hung in central location, where I can get latest views from cams.
Anybody done this? Any suggestions for tablets / mounts would be greatly helpful!

If I could afford a new tablet, I’d probably buy whatever Lenovo tablet is their latest Android offering. I’ve been really happy with a Lenovo Flex 3 laptop and their Motorola smartphones. B&H Photo Video is worth a look as regards specs and pricing.

Best in what way?
Probably the cheapest option would be an Amazon Fire HD 10. You have to install Google Play on them though.


I’m using three 10" tablets 24/7:… an old Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70F 32GB tablet running Android 6 and two Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 128GB (2019 version) tablets running Android 9. The old TAB2 works, but is slow and has aspect ratio problems with the Wyze app. The Tab A 10.1 tablets have been running flawlessly.

Unless someone has a solution to this, I recommend against the Fire 10. It is on sale for the next few hours for $99, but I bought one to use as a full-time monitor, and the Wyze app crashes a TON in group mode. Sometimes it only runs a minute or two. I’m using a new Fire 10 with no other apps installed.

I’ve sent a log to the developers every time a new app version comes out, but no joy yet.

If anyone has a solution to this, a $99 tablet would be a fantastic dedicated monitor!

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It seemed ok on my Fire HD8 when I first tried it.
I tried today and WYZE wouldn’t even load. I updated to beta 12.x and it’s been running about 30 minutes with a group of 4 cameras.
Will post if it quits.

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Thanks. Sometimes it will run for many hours, but always crashes at least once a day. I’d say it probably averages 5-10 crashes a day during the 16 hours I run it. Sometimes in minutes. I always run the production app.

It just crashed again while I was writing this. I think it had been running for 45 minutes this time. For me, crashing is defined as going from the 4-camera group screen in landscape mode to the home screen of the app. I can usually go right back into group mode, but sometimes I lose sound and I have to reload the app. Actually, there are several issues I run into, but I can live with all but the crashing out of group mode back to the home screen of the app.

It’s been running 4+ hours. 4 cameras in landscape.
My intention isn’t to contradict you. :slight_smile: Maybe we can determine why yours doesn’t work right.
Or mine could crash any time.

The app just went from the 4 camera landscape to the camera menu. Not an app ‘crash’ but still a problem if you’re trying to keep 4 camera view up.

I have never been able to keep the live view going more than about 2 hours. I usually am trying this on an ancient MotoG so I just attribute it to resource drain / memory leaks. I have always assumed I would have to use something besides the Wyze app (TinyCam or an RTSP viewer / Blue Iris / Zoneminder / etc. ) if I really wanted to do a full time display.

Yep, that is my experience, crashing out of group mode back to the home screen of the app.

I am an iOS user, and the last time I used iOS (before I bought this Fire tablet to take over) it didn’t have periodic crashes like this. If this is an Android-wide issue, then maybe the Fire 10 is still a good deal. I just wouldn’t recommend it if the Android version of the app only crashes on Fire tablets.

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Funny… an hour after typing my reply above, one of my Tab A 10.1 tablets crashed back to the home screen. That was a 1st after continuously running for months. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Folks…, I so want to thank you for the feedback. I guess the REAL question is, whether its the Wyze software OR the actual tablet. After reading your replies, it appears to be all over the the place. More importantly something that the Wyze guys (my nick name at work at work cause I have recommended their products) :slight_smile: need to determine.
I know that ‘display’ / NAS is not available at this time.
2 weeks ago there was a drive by shooting on my neighborhood street (since development 20 years) this has never occured. I was very happy to be able to provide detectives 3 hours from 4 cams pointing outside my home.
I have a new Samsung A50 - upgraded from a J3. TOTALLY a huge difference. Again that’s the question, is it the software or hardware?
I would like Fire 10HD but would be hesitant because it has to be side-loaded w/ Google Play. Would rather just go with android 10" tab that is stable to run 24 hours.
Again thanks so much for your comments / suggestions!

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I have no doubt it’s a bunch of obscure combinations of both, mostly hitting display and cam device limits.

I am test a Samsung S1 now. I also have a Nexus 9 I can try.
I wonder why I have 3 tablets? :blush:

Group cam view runs longer on other tablets but all eventually crash. 3 of the 4 are on my LAN, 1 is remote. Maybe that’s why.
A single local camera will run all day on the FireHD.


Galaxy Tab E, 9.6" 1.5 gig ram, Very often crash in 4 cam mode, and sometime when left running for a while the whole tablet become a slow brick.

Ok Folks,
I ended up purchasing a Lenovo M10 FHD Plus. Got it for $150 on sale.
I have been extremely pleased with the performance.
I have 8 cams in a group and can swipe between the 2 screens. These are exterior of my home.
Been running this continuous for a few days now. No issues whatsoever.
Only regret… Wish I had purchased another for upstairs - they are now backordered!

Nice. I’m still considering a Fire tablet.

If you can’t get your new setup to rotate the view without swiping, I’d bet TinyCam or most systems like iSpy / ZoneMinder / LuxRiot / Blue Iris / etc. could…

Rotated (landscape) is only way I have it set! It shows 4 (front of house) cams on screen - then I swipe to see another 4(back of house). For the front, I have 2 - v2 pointed exterior pointed away from house and 2 directly in front of house, Its really slick to see a car pull up street and pass my house, and to see car on all 4 cams at once! :slight_smile:

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