My sitch: live alone in single room unit. Have FiOS wireless router. Android tablet, phone, Echo Show. Running continuous viewing of Wyze cam on phone quickly drains battery. I use tablet for other activities. Echo won’t stay connected to cam. I want a monitor I can dedicate to viewing my cam & isn’t battery powered. Ideas? Recommendations?

What size?
I’m running a refurb Amazon Fire 10 (7th generation) w/ side-loaded Google Play and it gives a great picture.

Does it run from an outlet or battery? Having to constantly recharge my Samsung Galaxy S8+ risks overheating. {Thanks replying so quickly!}

Both, but I generally just leave it plugged in.

Look for a used all-in-one android based monitor. eBay.

Thanks. Next payday, I’ll look into that.

Any cheap Tablet Running Android 6+ or even a $30 Fire tablet and you load TinyCam app ( I recommend paying the $3 for Pro version). Add Wyze to Tiny cam and plug it into a small 1A charger which is usually enough to just maintain the battery without over heating or over charging. I’ve had several constantly powered like this for years as camera monitors and home control panels.

Thank you Randy. I’ll look into this.

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