Continuous Viewing - How Long?

How long have you been able to keep a live view going, particularly on Android? Any difference for individual cameras vs. groups? I ask in light of this recent discussion:


A great question that I would also like to know more about.

Generally we don’t leave live streams continuously running on (tablets, phones, emulators) due to marginal, well everything. :expressionless: But when I get a round TUIT I would really love to leave a couple of wall panels running continuously. :+1:


Would love to know your results… and see pic of your setup (tablet) if you dont mind!.

Very unimpressive to see at the moment I’m afraid. Some old tablets and phones of mixed heritage sitting on stands on counters and tables connected to constant power.

I don’t leave them running 24/7 due to worries about swelled batteries, etc, but would like to start doing that.

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Hmm, @Seapup votes “months”. That’s a good sign.

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Keep in mind that particular tablet is mid-high end, stripped of extraneous apps (basically dedicated to Wyze app group display), connected to Gigabit LAN fed to fiber. It’s running a v2 cam group that has 8 cams, so it’s been continuously displaying a group of 4. If I didn’t need to do occasional system updates and Wyze app updates, who knows how long it would run without issue.

I have other viewing hardware that won’t last more than an hour displaying a group of 4. And others that won’t display a group of 4 for more than a few minutes. They are low-end devices so I’ve relegated them to displaying a single feed only. Even in this minimal role, they run a long, long time. One (a Samsung J3) has been running continuously since last November, although it has a 10-30 second lag.

Didnt mean to jinx ya bud! :slight_smile:

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I believe you are on to something… I have PLENTY of network to handle task of using a simple tablet / or display as monitor 24/7.
I want to display 4 cams in group - swipe to see others - touch to see others. Again on phone its great - but too small!
This would be used exclusively for Wyze. No need for internal cam(s). / apps.

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The ability to continuously view a feed, or more importantly, a group of feeds, without issues is so complicated that it’s not possible to “fix” everyone’s problem online. It’s no one person’s/company’s/thing’s fault. It more like everyone’s fault. :grinning: Between viewing device hardware/cam hardware limitations, quantity of streaming data, quality and ability of data paths, etc., etc., it’s just not possible to give a one-fits-all recommendation, let alone fixing everyone’s issues with their existing setups. I feel bad for users that think they can simply buy a mess of $20 cams, set them up in a second and run them all continuously without issues. Heck… some people are peeved that their one v2 cam in HD mode is unstable over a 4G connection or low-grade DSL. Unfortunately, there’s always some bottleneck that precludes expectations. Yes, Wyze cams have some bugs, firmware and application. But most problems are due to users’ overloaded infrastructure, whether it be viewing hardware that simply can’t keep up or networking limitations and conflicts. I had to spend a lot of time and money on my networking hardware to support all the load of my 3 separate cam networks and everyone’s UHD entertainment streaming. I decided to stop frustrating myself asking old, rarely used viewing devices to do the impossible. I saw a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 128GB (2019 version) on sale at Costco and gave it a try. It ran a group of 4 cams for 2 weeks and that was enough to make me go back and buy 2 more. :slightly_smiling_face: And that tablet while not dirt cheap, is inexpensive compared to a higher end S6. Sorry for the long wind… in a nutshell, sometimes you do get what you pay for. To be happy with a group of $20 cams, you can’t skimp on the other 2 requirements… networking and viewing hardware.


I am about to order 2 now!

I don’t how many cams you’re running, but I did run into a Wyze app problem with numbers of cams assigned to a group. It seemed like no matter what viewing device, when I added an 11th cam to a group, it randomly disabled viewing of one of the other 10 cams. Rather than try to debug the issue, I just group no more than 8 cams. I’m currently running 15 v2s split into 2 groups on 1 network, 4 v2s on a separate network, and 8 non-Wyze cams on a 3rd network. Those cams cover the inside and outside of two 3,000 sq. ft. properties.

On my Android phones (an LGv30 and Samsung S8+), I only get about 10-15 seconds before the feed drops to 0.0 Kb/s. Then I have to hard close the Wyze app and restart. I’m beginning to get a bit annoyed.

Yikes. How many cams are you watching on the same screen? Are the cams on the same LAN as the viewer?

Six cameras. I view one at a time on my phone.
Either at home on the same WiFi or away on cellular data.

Great info… Thank all of you for input. I hope the Wyze folks will take notice!
I ended up purchasing a Lenovo 10.3 tab. It supposed to arrive Tuesday. I will post a recap of the final results.

Another Question…? Why would you want to group 10+ cameras in a single group?
As I mentioned I have 15+ but are in smaller groups - no more than 6 (ie Exterior, upstairs, mancave, etc) Am I right to assume that the lower cams in a group has a factor in crashes / bad results?
Again Thanks!

Something ain’t right. I use Android phones a lot older and lower end than those for remote single cam stream viewing on a daily basis.

Many areas to look at (one at a time).

If your iOS devices don’t have this issue - Free space on the phone? Remove and reinstall the app? Running a VPN or antivirus? etc…

If on all viewing platforms - WiFi issues with the cams? Reboot all phones, routers and cams? etc…

Maybe for ease of setting up shortcut rules, triggers or schedules?

I have that Lenovo Tab 10.3 as well. When I use the Wyze viewer…with just 3 cams on the screen, The app would tend to crash a couple times a day. I also have a Samsung tablet 7" that does similar. I also have 4 Relink IP cams and run the reolink app on the Lenovo…it will run from 7 days down to 2 days before just crashing back to the home screen. But they’re so much easier than trying to have a pc running.

Yes, many people would like continuous viewing, especially on their large screen tv…
A Wyze native Windows app would go a long way to solving that problem.
The Yi Home camera app works across iOS and Android plus they have a native free Windows app that you can download.
This how I am viewing my Yi cameras full time (By that I mean it’s always running in the background ready for instant viewing.) on my large screen tv.
I have dedicated an old Windows PC to my tv. I mirror the image to the tv with a 10’ HDMI to a spare HDMI input on the tv. I have found this much more reliable than Wireless “casting”
To watch my Yi Cams I just switch HDMI inputs.
I have a wireless keyboard and mouse on the coffee table. So, not only can I view the cameras, I can use my Windows pc to web surf, etc. on the large screen tv. It’s much faster than my tv’s web app.
I leave the computer on 24/7. It has been working flawlessly for several months.
I have 3 cameras running on the app.
The only feature my Wyze cams have (that I use) that Yi doesn’t have is time-lapse recording.
Since I am not a programmer, I don’t see what problem Wyze has developing a separate Windows app. It doesn’t need all of the bells and whistles of the Android app.


The most reasonable explanation so far is they won’t pay the extra money for using the 3rd party P2P tech for browser connections. (And it’s still not all that reasonable an explanation.)

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