App won't stay on Camera View

I recently added a permanent viewing station using a tablet running the Wyze App to “permanently” display a group of cameras.

Works great, but the app repeatedly keeps dumping out to the Wyze main menu requiring a tap on the camera “group” again to bring the cameras up. Happens sometimes through the day, almost always once every 24 hours. Not exactly a major issue but slightly less than optimal…

It isn’t the tablet from what I can tell (Amazon Fire HD 8+ with Google Play Store added) , as it is suspended from sleeping, and the Wyze App never closes - it just won’t stay on the “camera view” page.


From your tablet, Wyze app Home > Account (icon lower right) > App Settings > Enable Hardware Decoder. Try toggling the feature on or off.

Ok willdo, thanks. Will give it a day or two and report back.

Edit: Enabled HW Decoder and Running in Background (didnt even know these would be options…). Lets see what happens.

Ok well this is interesting: If I select a SINGLE camera view - it stays on-screen, unaffected, for days. However if I select the “multi-camera” group view - it will ALWAYS dump out to the Wyze menu within minutes or hours.

So it CLEARLY seems to be an app problem. I think I’ll copy this to the BUGS section. I can’t imagine a situation where the app state affects the tablet OS response such that Wyze is helpless to ensure the selected multi-camera group view stays open when the single camera view does, no problem.

Weird, right?

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the single camera view stays on… until it eventually, invariably, fails with “Connection Lost” messaging, despite NO OTHER DEVICE in the house having this issue, ever. And… and, if you hit reconnect… it reconnects. Why does Wyze need a human to periodically hit Reconnect? Isn’t that what the app is supposed to keep trying to do - notwithstanding the error itself is already suspect, asmany other users have experienced?

Wyze is unlikely to look at this as Fire OS devices are currently not supported.

More technically here, you’re using the Wyze app so this will happen no matter what. It just isn’t set to keep trying and keeping it going when there’s some fluctuation in connection.

Since you’re on a Fire tablet, just grab a Fire TV Stick (as I believe the tablet can’t do it? I think. Never tried.) and just use the Wyze Alexa plugin and use Alexa routines to mimic speaking eg “show cam x” every 1 or 2 hours or so. It will always and forever* keep trying and bringing it up. If it doesn’t then you have some other issue like loss of wifi on the viewing device, rebooting viewing device, problem router, ISP issue, major issue with the cam etc.

*Only thing is the Alexa plugin must be done again every 12 months.

You of course would need a display not otherwise being used like a computer monitor with a computer that’s off and has an extra port or cheap TV or cheap other with HDMI input.

This is how I do it. Haven’t played with it for over a year and waaaay better than the Wyze app that way :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you might be able to find some other way.

Should also add to be complete here that if you want something incredibly stable. Wifi cams are not it. Especially Wyze cams. You would want hard wired cams. The only thing my way above will do it keep it coming back for viewing without requiring to touch anything.

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Interesting alternate solution - permanent PC type approach.

I uave currently invested in the Fire tablet (it was cheap…) and “full screen” view of a single camera is perfectly stable - for weeks at a time.

Strangely, the multi-camera view is not. At all.

Filing this problem under, “oh well,” and moving on with my life for now. :smile: