Wyze software closes camera view

Have several wyze cameras. Two show the front and back of my house. I have a tablet running the latest version of the wyze app. Two cameras setup as group. Load software and see views. Software eventually closes the view and must be reopened again. How do I fix this issue?

That’s normal the software is not to keep open to view

So you are saying it is supposed to close view? How are you to continue viewing?

No, it’s not “normal”.
It’s just another example of Wyze updating software and breaking something that had worked for years.
On prior builds I could put up a screen of 4 cams and monitor it for hours, now it usually takes me back to the home screen after less than 30 minutes.
Maybe if enough people complain about it they will fix it.
/edit this is a problem with Android V2.22.21 on my 8" Samsung Tab A but doesn’t seem to be a problem on Android V2.22.12 on my Samsung Galaxy A20.

What type of tablet? How old is it? OS version? How often is the tablet restarted? The app should stay open and not close out.

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Amazon Fire Tablet, Not restarted often.

Others have responded saying that the software shuts off the view for them. App does not close out, just switches back to the device view.


Same problem here.

Wyze did announce old app and firmware will Not be functional on 21st of July.

Today is 20th. But 21st in China