Wyze would sell more cameras, if they had a Wyze App in Amazon App Store for the Fire Tablet

I wanna say it’s the product of a crazy ambitious and talented individual versus ‘software by committee’ but I’m mostly talking out my…  just a gut feeling. :slight_smile:

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Try this : https://www.howtogeek.com/232726/how-to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/

I installed play store successfully in my many kindle tablets. Only the oldest gen 7 hd10 tablet play store doesn’t have wyze app since it us running android 5, android 7 is min requirement ,

Main advantage is I can view 4 cams in landscape mode using fire tablets. But landscape mode is not working in my Samsung or Lenovo tablets,


Here is a link to the site I used. Pretty much the same procedure but different ways of explaining things might help you out. Good luck!


I think that’s the recipe I used too. It wasn’t too hard. I went on to remove the Play Store again to save space (and reduce the vulnerability / forced update footprint).

If you don’t want that hassle then you could sideload a copy of the free TinyCam in your tablet, just by downloading and installing it.

I did it about 6 months ago when I got my fire. I just googled it and followed the procedures. There are several sets of instructions out there and I don’t remember which I used. Yes, I had to download a few small files, but it gave you step by step instructions. Hey, I am 70 years old, so if I can do it, you can too. I see others have given you a site to go to, so I would try one of them.

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just get Fire Tablet with firmware below
do not update to and above
use Fire Box software ftom XDA with window computer. to install Google Pkay Store.

Only problem with Fire Tablet is 5hat you won’t get notification alarm.
It is not Wyze issue but Anazon design.

On my Kindle Fire tablet on the Home Screen in the lower left is a devices Icon.
You look at what the cameras are seeing.

Great tip, @carverofchoice ! I did all of that, but no matter what APK version I download, when I try to open the download, it gives me a Parse Error (there was a problem parsing the package). Any tips on how to overcome?

If you are sideloading, make sure you are downloading the nodpi version for your tablet.


Yes, I did use that version, and I tried several earlier versions, same parsing issue every time.

What device are your tying to install on and what operating system and version?

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I have several old Amazon Fire tablets with OS 5.7
they will NOT install or run TinyCam.
When I go to the Amazon App Store and ask for TinyCam it gives me “IP Camera Viewer.”
This app asks for IP point, which I Know and enter.
Then it asks for ports, which I know, but can NOT get the app to accept.
Has anyone successfully set up the IP Camera viewer.
I would like to use the IP Camera Viewer in lieu of TinyCam but I do NOT KNOW how to fill in the data it requests.
Can anyone HELP???
Thanks in advance

You cannot, unless you install the now-disavowed, hidden, unsupported RTSP firmware.

Thanks for your reply.
Glad to get that crystal clear info,
I will stop trying to setup IP Camera Viewer.
Is there any OTHER cam viewer I can us with molder fire tablets in lieu of TinyCam and IP Camera Viewer?

Are you sure you’ve exhausted the TinyCam versions available? They go back to at least 2016 from what I see, version 6.6.2. It says it supports Android 2.3+ so it would have to be compatible with any FireOS?

Other than that, there are things like the Wyze Docker Bridge that might help out, or you could run one copy of TinyCam on a newer phone/tablet and then use VLC or whatever to reach it from your tablets.

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@Seapup Fire HD 8 (6th Generation). Fire OS 5.7.00


Also. Wyze (and all other android app authors) should publish their APKS on their own https website, so that users are less dominated by app stores. “App stores” acting as gatekeepers to what your computers can do should NOT be the norm, and it’s NOT HEALTHY for society.

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I also agree businesses should do this as a general practice to shift away from reliance on app stores.

I think there are a few main reasons people like/use them, but only a couple are very valid. While the main reasons people use them are primarily antitrust related (monopolies install them by default and make people think it’s the only place to get them)…if we set aside those reasons, the valid reasons are related to things like security. A lot of App stores make an effort to screen out bad and malicious apps by checking them for harmful behavior and warning you if they detect red flags, etc in something you’ve already installed. That is one major benefit of having apps have to go through a 3rd party host instead of the developer directly. But, I still think there are better solutions. Just as we have anti-virus or anti-malware software on our computers, we can have something like that on our phones that have a list of known problems it can scan for. This decentralization method has worked reasonably well for computers for decades, so there is no reason to believe it can’t work just as well for mobile devices…but people are currently pretty dependent on the monopolies, so that will be a hard thing to change quickly. Big tech wants to keep their conscience shocking 30% royalties and residual income.

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Let’s not mince words about this either. Apple users don’t even have a choice to install apps from anywhere else. So that naturally discourages app providers from even trying - their efforts are wasted on half their audience. In other words, as with many other unfortunate trends, this is Jobs’ fault.

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