Wyze would sell more cameras, if they had a Wyze App in Amazon App Store for the Fire Tablet

I don’t know much about Apple…but I thought someone told me that you “CAN” load apps from elsewhere, but if you do, you get punished for it, including having it totally void your warranty and maybe get some restrictions of some kind.

Again, I am only repeating what someone told me…but in the end it’s basically the same thing as Apple not allowing it. It is still a really necessary point to make. Why post the app on your website if half your market (half in the US, 18% worldwide) isn’t even allowed to get it from there? And if that’s the case, why even do so for the other half? 99% of which would only get it from the play store anyway.

Very valid points why nobody does it…I personally don’t like it, but it is the reality we currently have.

It’s called “Jail Breaking” your iPhone. When I had my iPhone you would do that to open it up to a whole lot of things such as side loading and tethering. But that was probably 8 to 10 years since I have owned an iPhone so I don’t know if you can still do that.

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I once took a look at the jailbreak landscape including the Cydia store. There was absolutely nothing of interest and, worse, all the apps were still paid apps! It made no sense and was nothing like the embarrassment of riches that is Android development.

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It’s the shunning by the Geniuses that can really get to you. Thinking different comes at a cost.

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But at least we can spell our adverbs.

(Totally gratuituous. No idea if it makes any sense beyond the gag.)

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So you made a “Time” machine out of a…

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I was scrolling through the responses here and looking for this. There’s no need for anyone to side load Play stores or third party apps. If you link Wyze to Alexa in the Amazon Alexa app, you can then see all of your camera feeds from the device menu that shows up in the home bar in the bottom corner of your tablet.

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@Seapup Any advice? Otherwise, this Fire is going out. :thinking: BTW, I tried to use the suggestion of using the Alexa app, but the app just starts and never loads. Think I may need to reset and start over. Agree?

The Alexa app got wonky on my Fire tablet recently. I had to completely uninstall and reinstall it. The Amazon app store itself did NOT let me do this properly.

If you have an 8th generation or earlier Fire tablet,
you are best using the Wyze Skill on these tablets.

If you have a 9th generation or later Fire Tablet,
You are best downing and using the “TinyCam App”

That’s what I do and it works OK.


If you’re running Fire OS 5.7, sideloading the Wyze .apk won’t help as your Fire OS version is based on Android 5 which isn’t supported by the Wyze app. I don’t have any experience with Fire HD, so I can’t be of any help. I think you’re going to have to use one of the alternatives mentioned by Customer and tomac14.

Woot has a 2018 8th generation HD 8. Anyone know if it will work with the Wyze app for this?

Because windows 11 allows you to install apps from the Amazon app store. If it was on there you wouldn’t have to pay wyze for the option to observe your cameras from a computer.

An alternative, you can grab a fire stick and plug it in an open HDMI port on your computer monitor. Just enable the Alexa Wyze plugin. That’s how I use my Wyze cams for a while now. The plugin is a bit of a pain to get setup.

I have Alexa routines set to refresh it every two hours so it stays up no matter what even when it goes down.

And it shows when my computer is suspended. But you could do “multi monitor” for instance and leave the other normally showing the cam.

smart. thanks for that