WYZE app for Kindle Fire [Moved]

Just a suggestion. Is there an app in the future for Kindle tablets? Thanks


I would also enjoy a Kindle fire app

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Install the Google Play store, and then install the Wyze app from there.

Here are instructions that I followed to set up the Play Store on my mother’s 7" Kindle.



I would rather wait for an app to be available. Sure as ____ , I would screw it up.

Hi there! At the moment we do not have enough resources at hand to cater for a Kindle app. Will pass it on to our dev team as a feedback though, thanks!

You could test the existing Android app to see if it’s compatible with Fire devices at least. That is easy to do.



I would also like the Wyze app on my Kindle Fire! I just bought my first Wyze camera and I love it! I just ordered a second camera! I have my Fire Tablet on my bed stand and would love to view my cameras before turning in at night…

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thanks for the love! in the meantime you might have to just use your phone to check on the cameras. :wink:

Actually I ended up grabbing my previous android phone and turning it into a dedicated WYZE “control center”! That stays on my bed stand 24/7.

Side note - I just ordered my 3rd camera! I am addicted to these little cameras!

Just download the app onto the card you removed from your tablet. Insert it back into your tablet and install. Works GREAT in my 7" and 10" fire.

hah cool! a good addiction, i suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

good to know! thanks for sharing!

I got Wyze app for Kindle Fire working easily. But first, you need to install the Google Play store on your Kindle Fire. It was easy to do. Here is a link on how to get Google Play onto your Kindle Fire: 3 Simple Steps to Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire - Saint

Once you have installed Google Play store on your Kindle Fire and you are ready to download the Wyze app, ignore the part about the app may not be compatible with your device (Kindle Fire). I had no problem installing it.

I have the Wyze app installed on my iPhone and Kindle Fire. Changes I make to settings on one device updates the settings on the other device.

I just upgraded to the latest app version (1.2.50) and it has some great updates. Including the ability to format the SD card from the app.


Jon - Your instructions worked perfectly! I now have the latest version of the WYZE app on my Kindle Fire Tablet 8". The app works awesome!

As a side note - by doing this process I can now download and use the Chrome web browser instead of SILK! WIN - WIN!!!


+1 for adding the Wyzecam App to the Amazon app store. I too would like to use it on my Kindle HD.

Thanks for the pointer. Installed just fine on my Fire HD 10 using option 1.

Wow! Thank you SO much for this information. Obviously I’m behind and I’ve wasted way too much time trying to get Wyze to work on my Fire Tablet and found this info this morning. Took awhile but I followed all the steps and it is working GREAT. :grinning: Thank you again for the info.

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Thank you so much…Now i have wyze on my 10’’ kindle…I wont need to continue draining my phone battery !!!