Wyze cam android app on fire tv

hold on, i did’t know that that is dope

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So when you entered name and password, you had no problem clicking login? I’ve downloaded several versions and can not get past this step for some reason. “Login” button is unclickable…

I appreciate the help

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I was able to install the app and get to the login screen. After entering the user name and password, how do you click the Login button?

You need to either connect a Bluetooth mouse or use an app like mouse toggle (but I’d avoid that app as I’ve heard negative things about possible malware)

I have a harmony hub with a BT keyboard/mouse setup that I use.

I was using the FireTV app on the iPad which for some reason won’t move the cursor over to the Login button to click. Will need to look for a mouse like option :frowning:

Another issue is that the screen is squished vertically as if the phone/tablet screen is forced to fit the wide-screen aspect of the TV. I also have Tinycap running on this FireTV which does not have this problem.

Well I have a ethernet based Samsung HD TV about 2.5 years old.
would that be an option to use Downloader and the Fire TV app?
I have Prime.

Or do you always need a wireless signal to pull up the cam views?
I am so confused by all this.

The app merely functions like the remote. It doesn’t provide trackpad capability. Swiping equates to directional clicks only.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to fix the wrong proportions in menu modes. It’s because the app doesn’t have a landscape mode for menus. However once you select a stream, it switches to proper landscape mode.

Any (not officially meant for fire tv) android app you sideload into a fire tv will try landscape mode if available, and if it does, looks fine. Otherwise you get the disproportionate stretched portrait view.

You need one of these methods

can you explain how to do this? I currently use tinycam pro but would like to do the pip thing, is that what tasker is for?

I kinda muddled thru it as I am not familiar with android apps other than the basics, but I can get you started. First off, sideload Tasker app onto your fire device. Then go to tasks → + (add new action) → Plugin → TinyCam Pro → Configuration → Start floating window → Select the camera feed desired

To activate, open task list & “play” it

Someone else may be able to help us with how to program a profile to start this task based on a type of input? Like I said, Tasker is new to me over the last few days. Just skimming the surface of what I believe it can do on fire devices.

FYI, you will need some type of mouse device OR a mouse simulator app, as you cannot do this with the native remote control alone.

Thanks, I’ll give it shot

Any real solution to the squashed resolution issue? After downloading and installing the suggested version from maraoke (thank you) version 2.0.26. I got it going but I can’t fix the squished window at the top of the screen to go full window. Any thoughts??

Wow, that’s cool! I had no idea you could do that with the wyze camera!

It took a bit of research and lots of reading these threads to get it going. Kind of ridiculous that Wyze didn’t come out with a fire tv stick version at this point. But yes. After downloading it to a usb at my pc (kept running into download issues using downloader or Firefox on fire tv) then bringing the usb to the fire stick (via usb hub for those wondering) and using ES explorer to launch it, it installed fine. Now if I can just get rid of the squished resolution. I’m thinking I might try a later version even though marcoke said to use the 2.0.26 version. I’ll update after I find another 2 hours to kill ;).

Update: Being new to all of this, I need to ask for everyone’s patience with me. I retired from IT many years ago and haven’t been keeping up with all these new fangled gadgets - LOL. The purpose of me purchasing this camera was to point it out my west side house window so as to project a “Window-Like” view onto my TV which sits on my living room wall which happens to face in the same direction. I basically wanted to make the TV into window.

After reading so many reviews and answered questions on Amazon, it almost seemed like this would do the trick, but I was ready and expected there would be no easy answer. After trying to understand why after I installed this on my Fire TV Stick, the image was squeezed at the top, I went back to my Android for answers. I realized that my Android also had a small window, basically showing only in the upper half of the screen. I then thought to turn on my rotation on my phone and turned it 90 degrees. Sure enough, I got a full landscaped screen. So, what this means is that a TV is already landscaped physically, but the app wants to portray the image in portrait mode. Unfortunately, I cannot take my TV and physically rotate it - lol. Wyze needs to add an option to allow us to force the image to be in landscape mode and stop thinking of just smartphones ;). Hopefully I can figure out one of the other generic apps and how they would work with this device. Haven’t had much luck yet, but will report back if I find anything.

There are a ton of apps on the play store for "forced landscape " I haven’t tried any but that might fix the issue.

I’ll look to see if there’s anything like it for the fire tv stick or something I can download under apkmirror or somewhere else that’ll work with the Fire Stick.

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s all these little tips that eventually solve these riddles ;).

UPDATE and SUCCESS! I am thrilled to report that I got it. Perhaps there are thousands out there who already accomplished this but so glad I found it. After reading the newer release update information for each release, I found release 2.2.30 added an aspect ratio option. Figuring that they simply keep building upon the applications in newer versions, I immediately downloaded and installed version 2.3.69 (after uninstalling the older one first). Upon entering the software I immediately saw in the upper right hand corner of the video feed, that square box (crop marks). I clicked in and BAM!! Now my living room TV is looking out the west window of my home looking out to my yard as if I had a window in my living room - Woohoo!!!

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An alternative is to get an Android TV box that comes with the standard, “Play Store”. Then you can install almost any Android app, including WYZE and tinycam, without having to “side-load”.

Mine even supports wireless USB mice and keyboards.

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After a little fiddling, the app works great on my TV. I have a Toshiba Fire TV Edition. Had to connect a keyboard then a mouse to get everything working once, now when I start the app it goes to full landscape view of my camera. I can see that if you want to access multiple cameras, you’d need to leave the mouse connected.

Thanks a lot. Just got it going on my 4K fire stick. I had to turn off 2 step authentication though. Not sure I like that too much. It would just spin on the login button otherwise. I tried to load it on my 1st gen fire cube with no luck. The login button was inactive. I have the new fire cube and may try on it. I do appreciate all the advice from this forum.