Wyze Alexa Fire TV

I’ve got a V3 camera and an outdoor floodlight. Everything works fine in the app on my phone. But the Wyze skill and Alexa don’t work on my Fire TV’s. Which was the point why I bought them, so my kids could check the doors. I’ve tried them on different Fire Stick 4K’s as well as a Fire Stick 4K Max. No joy. The skill is enabled, it opens Wyze on the TV… but takes forever to do anything, blinks a couple times, then says “Hmmm the camera isn’t responding.”.

I’ve had them since the summer and they’ve never worked.



  1. If running the “show camera on FireTV x” in a routine (and I recommend routines), make sure there are no other action lines or commands in the routine. Just this one line to show.
  2. At the bottom of the routine, in the “Hear Alexa from” do not use the FireTv there. Use a Dot or echo, or something else.

But I find the Wyze Cam to FireTv seldom work.

Hmm… when I try and create a routine in Alexa it says “This device is currently not supported”. Which seems wrong, but that’s what it says.

I use my FireTV 4K Stick to stream my cams thru the resident “Home Devices” menu. Some Cams don’t do so well at loading. Others take their sweet time. For me, it all depends on how busy the network and ISP is. Compared to the Wyze app, I would give it about a 40% rating.

I gave up on Alexa and the smart dashboard and just loaded Tinycam on my Firestick. I can view 4 at a time. Better with less. Fairly consistently, and it has a glitch now and then too. But only cost $4.

When viewing 2 at a time they refresh in about 4 seconds. For me.

If I say Alexa, open my smart dashboard, it usually does, I can then open cameras, but it’s inconsistent and shuts down sometimes.

I have better luck with Alexa , open my “exact name” camera using the Alexa approach.

My cams are 6 OG and 2 Pan V3. I’m sure signal strength matters too, mine is mesh and wifi everywhere.

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Tried that, bizarre that home dashboard is voice only w/no interface to get to it. See cameras, no live view. Ended up using TinyCam as suggested below… not as ideal, but a solution until the skills works properly, if ever.

They’re both v3’s. One hardwired w/floodlights. Signal strength shows maximum.

If you tap the microphone button once on the remote rather than holding it, the Toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen. The Home Dashboard is an icon on that toolbar.

Selecting a Cam should launch it to live stream. However, the Alexa interface can be very spotty and unreliable streaming.

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Your use is yours of course, I’m old and retired and like to fiddle with technology. So this might or might not suit.

I bought a refurbished Amazon HD10 and it also has the dashboard in a button on the bottom left in landscape when registered.

I wasn’t thrilled with the dashboards limited abilities, so I fire toolboxed it, and loaded Tinycam and the Wyze app from the play store and planning on using it as a sort of kiosk of sorts. Someday.

I just loaded a live view of an OG and it’s sitting here just fine in the Wyze app on my lesser model fire Tablet.

My mistake was not waiting, I bought the 9th Gen 2019 model for $58 I think. 1 gig of RAM I think, but 64gb of storage.

They have the 2021 11th gen refurbished right now “I think” for about $80 or $85. 4 gig of RAM. Early Black Friday.

It might be another option so the kids can just glance over if you set it to stay awake or just wake it, user choice. Mine is staying awake without any settings, must be the Wyze app.

With fire toolbox the higher the version of android in the fire tablets, the less it can kick out, the ads, etc. Requires a little research and effort. Following the directions mattered too. https://www.xda-developers.com/amazon-fire-toolbox-helps-install-google-apps-change-launchers-and-more-on-amazon-fire-tablets/

I may even log in and buy one of the more ram models.:thinking::joy:

There are some generic androids on Amazon as well, 6gb etc. For about $79, but I have no idea how well they work or last.

My personal opinion is the Fire Sticks aren’t good for streaming cameras, especially with their limited Alexa dashboard. But Tinycam seems to work so far on the stick. When viewing four cameras, but I’m pushing it there.

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Good advice, thanks.

Sadly, it didn’t fix the issue.

I see the new V3 cameras in the dashboard, but clicking on them just gets a “Waiting for Wyze” screen then back to the Home page.
My 1st-gen Pan Cam works.
My gen1 and gen2 outdoor cams work.
My V2 cam works.
My doorbell pro works.

But neither of my new V3 will play, despite being listed in the dashboard.