Wyze Cam with Multiple Alexas and multiple fire sticks and one fire tv 4k

I was wrong and I appologize for the sh*tty comment below. It was my fault and lacked patients before I finally figured it out.

Problem: Could not connect Wyze Cams to Fire TV 4k

Solution: I have 2 fire sticks and one new Fire Tv 4k. I have 2 echo dots and one echo plus. The problem was not the wyze cams at all but the Alexa app and settings. I had to go into Movies, tvs and books, tv & video and select fire tv. Then i had to unlink all the other echos attached to the fire tv. Only one can control it like it stated. The other issue is that i moved the echos to different rooms and switched them out and renamed them but didnt change the links to their new respective fire devices. I was growing frustrated and did realize.


First you lie and say it works with Alexa. Then you say wait for update. Then you say it works with fire tv gen 3. All LIES! I am so ready to return this crap! Alexa keeps saying something went wrong after i JUST BOUGHT A FIRE TV 4K JUST TO MAKE IT WORK WITH WYZE DID I BUY CRAP CAMERAS (8 OF THEM) IN THE FIRST PLACE. THANK GOD I SAVED THE BOXES… STOP TELLING LIES AND FIX THIS OR MY COMPANY WILL USE SOMETHING ELSE. OR GO BACK TO WORK FOR AMAZON. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

It does it work with fire tv gen 3, I have one , and I’m looking at my front yard cam right now, on my tv with it ?

Maybe your just a troll ?

If not there is help here.

You are right and I was wrong. I was fighting it for days and grew frustrated and vented wrongly. Although I intend to make a correction and how I got it to work finally, im leaving the sh*tty comment because of my lack of patients, anger and stupidity. My appologies.

Also, why would you post this in Wyze News?

I think you guys should moderate this particular subforum a little better.

It was a horrible post, but at least you were honorable enough to admit you were wrong and eat crow. A lot of people would be to cowardly to own their mistake.