Wyze works with Alexa

Hey all!

One of the top feature requests we receive is for Wyze to work with Alexa. We heard you loud and clear and are excited to announce Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan now work with Alexa!

This is how you can get started:

  1. Set up your Wyze camera in the Wyze app
  2. Update your camera's firmware to the latest version (via the Wyze app)
  3. Enable the Wyze skill in your Alexa account using the Alexa app, asking Alexa to "enable Wyze skill," or through alexa.amazon.com. You will be prompted to enter your Wyze username & password to authorize Alexa to connect to your camera(s)
  4. Go to your Alexa-enabled device and say "Alexa, discover my devices"
  5. Say any of the following to view your Wyze camera's stream: "Alexa, show me [Camera Name]" "Alexa, show my [Camera Name]" "Alexa, show me the [Camera Name]" "Alexa, show [Camera Name]"
  6. Say either of the following to stop viewing your Wyze camera's stream: "Alexa, stop" "Alexa, go home
We hope this makes our cameras an even more fun and useful tool. We invite you to continue to share the ways you use your cameras and give us your feedback or ideas.



I am in Canada any reason why I cannot find this skill I have an echo spot and v2 updated Wyse cams

Hi Ed, we are looking into this with Amazon. We’ve sent it out internationally from our side, so we would expect it to work. We’re hoping this will be updated soon.

Is there any plan to support Google Home in the near future?

It is high on the list, if not at the top, for future integrations.

Does this work with Amazon Fire Stick? I hope so!

Looks like an update from Amazon just got it working. See this:


I’m not up on the Fire Stick version, but I think I recall seeing it may require a Gen 2 Fire Stick.

Went into Fire Stick Update and no new firmware update available as of yet for me. That message was posted 3 days ago.


my Alexa is registered to amazon.co.uk (long story) should the wyze skill be available in that store as i cannot find it.

Thank you

I think it’s US and Canada only.

Thank you for the reply can the skill be made available to the Amazon uk store please



can you please make this skill available to the UK store


Finally, after more than a month waiting for the firmware update, one of my Fire Sticks updated to version and I was able to show the video of one of my cameras. I can now use the voice remote that came with the Fire Stick and say “Show <Camera Name>” and after a 3-5 seconds see the video. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone report this capability working on a Fire Stick TV.

It doesn’t always work–I had to reset my Fire Stick after repeated failures, but it seems to work most of the time. Video seems good with no pixelation like my smart phone. Hopefully bugs will be ironed out and additional features will be added like playback but I can at least see the camera video on my HD TV.

Have any UK users managed to get this feature working?

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Hi Rick, Have you heard any updates on Wyze Cam integrations with Google Home or Chromecast?

I believe it will be the next integration release. But I have no idea when. You might want to sign up for the beta program to be first in line to see it.

I have 5 wyze cam v1, waiting to possibly buy a pan once Google Assistant gets integrated. Hopefully Soon!

Hello from Bangalore , India

Could you make the Wyze Skill available on the English (India) Alexa Skill App ?

I have 7 Wyze web Cam’s , the Echo show , Echo Spot the amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV

Amazon is aggressive in India .

Thank You


Hi there from Germany. Please make the Wyze Skill available on Amazon.de here. I’m not sure why it WOULDN’T just be available everywhere. Thank you!

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Hi @garryseto… I will preface by saying I’m not a Wyze employee, so I can only give you and educated guess…

Wyze Cams are (for now) only sold and supported in the USA. That is a business decision on Wyze’s part. I can only imagine that part of that decision involves not getting overextended in trying to support the product. Adding other regions would bring a whole host of additional demands on technical development and support staff (which is already stretched pretty thin right now). That is why I think they are not adding additional regions at this time. Again, only my educated guess.